Weekend Recap: Black Card & Platinum cup



This past weekend at the DE Turf Sports Complex in Frederica, DE, the nation’s top players and clubs gathered to compete in two of the best boys recruiting events of the summer. The award-winning, state-of-the-art DE Sports Complex is the largest of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region. The facility is a first class sports destinations that features 12 synthetic turf fields, making it a perfect home for this year’s Black Card showcase and Adrln Platinum Cup. Accompanied by great weather and event better talent, the 2017 Black Card Showcase and Adrln Platinum Cup proved to be the best ones to date!

The weekend kicked off with the Black Card Showcase on Friday June 9th. This premiere recruiting event featured the top 1% of the players in the country across three grades, 8th – 10th. The 300+ players drew in top NCAA programs from near and far, including head coaches from nearly every top program in the country. Maryland, Notre Dame, Denver, UNC, Virginia, Johns Hopkins and Ohio State were among the top NCAA names in attendance.

Rounding out the weekend was the Adrln Platinum Cup. In only its fifth year, the APC has quickly become the nation’s most prestigious boys team recruiting event. The tournament gathered the top teams from the 2018-2023 levels. Over the course of the weekend we saw 17 teams from 10 different states compete to be crowned champion. After a hard fought Day One, 7 different teams including West Coast Starz, MadLax, Denver Elite, and Igloo Black Ice finished at the top of their divisions.

With playoff seeding decided, Day Two was packed with top tier talent. The playoffs hosted 15 different teams from 8 different states. The Adrln 2018 championship game was a tough matchup featuring MadLax vs. NXT Philly, with NXT Philly ultimately edging out MadLax by a final score of 11-9. Denver Elite Sliver and Mesa Fresh faced off in the Strife 2019 championship with Denver Elite coming away with the win, 11-4. The Fray 2020 championship saw another appearance from MadLax who were set to face Legacy TAZ. The game was a defensive battle, with Legacy pulling away by one, 6-5. The 2021 champion game was another strong defensive showing with Igloo Black Ice defeating Green Turtle Towson a mere 4-1. The 2022 champion provided the Igloo club another title as Igloo Arctic Blast defeated BBL Black 8-5. Lastly, the 2023 starred the Igloo Black Diamond team coming away with the victory against Sweetlax Upstate by a score of 12-1. Igloo secured the three youngest divisions, boasting a promising run at the older levels in future APC events. Click here for all scores and rankings from the weekend!

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Congratulations to our 2017 Adrenaline divisions Champions!

Adrln 2018 Champions:  NXT Philly 2018

NXT Philly 2018- Adrln 2018 Champions

Strife 2019 Champions: Denver Elite 2019 Silver

Denver Elite 2019 Silver- Strife 2019 Champions

 Fray 2020 Champions: Madlax 2020

Madlax 2020- Fray 2020 Champions

Data 2021 Champions: Igloo Black Ice 2021

Igloo Black Ice 2021- Data 2021 Champions


 Turbo 2022 Champions: Igloo Arctic Blast 2022

Igloo Arctic Blast 2022- Turbo 2022 Champions


Imperial 2023 Champions: Igloo Black Diamond 2023

Igloo Black Diamond 2023- Imperial 2023 Champions