“Empowering and supporting independent club operators on a national scale”

Adrenaline has the largest network of independent club operators in the nation with 12,000+ players enjoying the vast benefits of Adrenaline’s multi-faceted system. The Adrenaline corporate office offers various levels of service to accommodate and enhance the unique nature of any independent club lacrosse program. From granting premier event access and ensuring players attend the right events in order to get appropriate exposure to NCAA recruiters, to building the highest quality custom team gear pack so a club stand out among the rest, Adrenaline creates a unique support package that caters to the specific needs of every independent club with a one-stop-shop approach in mind.

  • Providing independent clubs and their players access to the top recruiting events in the game. (see recruiting section)
  • Ability to utilize a large media reach
  • Adrenaline corporate resources empower independent club operators nationwide
  • One stop shop for all club operator and player needs
  • Powerful rebates and benefits package that passes value onto club operators