Encinitas Sand Crabs


The Encinitas Sand Crabs is a Boys Youth spring lacrosse program serving the families in the Encinitas Union School District.  The Sand Crabs coaches will emphasize fundamentals, teamwork and fun throughout the course of the season.

The program consists of teams in two divisions; 1st-2nd grade and 3rd-4th grade.  The 2017 season will begin the week of February 21, following Presidents Day, and games will begin March 5.  Each team will play in 8 regular season with the 3rd-4th grade season cumulating in a playoff. 1st-2nd graders will practice twice per week for 60 minutes and 3rd-4th graders will practice twice per week for 90 minutes.

For any 5th-8th grade Encinitas boys & girls looking to play lacrosse this spring please check out ENCINITAS MUSTANGS. Mustang Lacrosse serves those 5th -8th grade students who reside in the geographic areas served by the Encinitas Union School District  and the San Dieguito Union High School District.

For more information please contact Jesse Foss at jesse.foss@adrln.com.