Made up of the most trusted recruiting events and personnel in the country, this robust events offering  has been meticulously developed over 16 years to provide players of various levels the opportunity to find a collegiate home. The foundation of the recruiting system is 16 year track record of high quality professionally run events that are attended by NCAA and MCLA coaches alike.  

  • Operator of the most esteemed events in recruiting: Black Card, Platinum Cup & Western Prime at “The Star”.
  • 16 years of professionally run events trusted by collegiate coaches
  • Attended by 1000+ top collegiate coaches from all levels each year

 Our events our built on 16 year of professionally run events that are trusted and attended by hundreds of collegiate coaches every year.  Our personal reps provide honest feedback to players and coaches alike as to which events would be a good fit and value.  

Events are designed with intimate settings utilizing a robust player to NCAA coach ratio with active NCAA coaches involvement in education and coaching.  Players are mindfully recommended other events that may be a proper fit and value to provide further future opportunities. By being able to be in front of the right coaches at the right events a player’s chances of a finding a collegiate match are enhanced.



Black Card Frederica, DE - 6/7/2024 - 6/7/2024

Open to the top 1% of players nationally, who compete in an exclusive recruiting event attended by every top NCAA program.

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Platinum Cup Frederica, DE - 6/8/2024 - 6/9/2024

The Platinum Cup was created with the sole intention of bringing the best club programs together, for one weekend at a single venue.

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San Diego Prospect Day San Diego, CA - 6/14/2024 - 6/14/2024

The Regional Prospect Day program is a tremendous chance to showcase your skills under the instruction of top NCAA coaches.

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Summer Showcase Frederica, DE - 6/25/2024 - 6/25/2024

The Summer Showcase provides players the opportunity to be coached and evaluated by some of today’s best college coaches 

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Summer Invitational Frederica, DE - 6/26/2024 - 6/27/2024

Teams will compete in five high level games in an intimate and manageable environment in front of top NCAA college recruiters.

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Western Showcase Colorado Springs, CO - 7/12/2024 - 7/12/2024

Seventy plus recruiters from the majority of top NCAA D1, D2, D3 and MCLA programs attend this event to evaluate the top talent.

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Western Shootout USAFA, CO - 7/13/2024 - 7/14/2024

For the first time ever, Adrenaline will combine the Elite/HS and MS/Youth tournaments to create the ultimate Western Shootout.

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Adrenaline All American Frisco, TX - 7/27/2024 - 7/28/2024

The top 60 players from the entire West are selected by our AET for this prestigious award and competitive game.

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Elite Fall Showcase Frederica, DE - 11/2/2024 - 11/3/2024

The Elite Fall Showcase will allow players to participate in a series of positional based drills led by college coaches. 

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Gold Cup Frederica, DE - 11/2/2024 - 11/3/2024

The Adrenaline Gold Cup was created with the sole intention of bringing the best national club programs together in an organized and effective recruitment environment.

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Las Vegas Prospect Day Henderson, NV - 12/6/2024 - 12/6/2024

The Las Vegas Prospect Day is an opportunity to connect with top NCAA coaches by showcasing your skills under their tutelage

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Blackjack Classic Henderson, NV - 12/7/2024 - 12/8/2024

The Blackjack Classic is an unmatched experience combining elite regional competition with a top level atmosphere.

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Sin City Clinic Henderson, NV - 12/13/2024 - 12/13/2024

The Sin City Showcase is an opportunity to connect with top NCAA coaches by showcasing your skills under their tutelage

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Winter Showcase San Diego, CA - 1/3/2025 - 1/3/2025

The Adrenaline Winter Showcase is an amazing opportunity for uncommitted older players to play in front of 60+ D2 and D3 recruiters

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Adrln Challenge Del Mar/ Oceanside, CA - 1/4/2025 - 1/5/2025

The Adrenaline Challenge has been a vital team recruiting program on the Adrenaline calendar since 2002.

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