Adrenaline Tropics is the most selective and talented team in the West comprised of the top Adrenaline Primetime Players who have already committed to college. Adrenaline Tropics showcases the top western talent at top tournaments in the country and internationally, delivering a strong western message to the rest of the lacrosse world. The Tropics travel to different tournaments in the Summer and Fall to compete against not only the best High School and men’s club teams in the world, but also their future teammates. The tournaments are carefully selected to ensure the players are afforded an excellent opportunity to prepare for the collegiate level of play they will see in the upcoming years. More than just competition the Tropics is an amazing experiential club with fun built in off field activities that allow players a reward for all of their hard work.  In true Adrenaline fashion, the Tropics will attend each tournament in style; each player will be outfitted with custom uniforms, an exclusive apparel package and a custom Tropics Helmet Wrap.

  • Every player is committed to an NCAA school
  • 95% of the players on the roster are High School All-Americans
  • Eight Lake Tahoe Championships, Two Paradise Shootout Championships
  • Experiential model provides unforgettable on and off field experiences including built in bonding trips like white water rafting, etc.
  • Test new performance Adrenaline Product