Platinum Cup Qualifiers

Do you want to compete in the top recruiting event of the summer? Teams can now earn a spot into the Adrln Platinum Cup by way of our Summer and Fall Invitational tournaments. If you can prove you are the best in your division by taking home an Invitational title, you can compete against the other top national programs at Platinum Cup.

In its 8th year, the Adrln Platinum Cup (APC) is an invitation only event, comprised of the top teams from the country’s most prestigious club lacrosse organizations.  This event is known as the top destination for teams and NCAA recruiters alike.  The Platinum Cup was created with the sole intention of bringing the top national teams from each level together, for one weekend at a single venue. Teams will compete at the highest level in an intimate and manageable environment for hundreds of college recruiters. This event facilitates for a very deep and diverse lineup of talented players, in a very intense championship style format tournament. The Platinum Cup will attract the best recruiters from NCAA Division I, II & III programs and allows them to see recruits play within the framework of a structured, systematic, team environment.