Official Apparel Provider Of The MLL

Adrenaline is proud to announce for the third consecutive year they will be an official apparel provider of the MLL. Each MLL team is currently wearing the new Ventilator Technical Shooter shirt, the new Strife 2.0 Technical sock and the off-field custom snapback and bucket hats. The partnership has once again allowed Adrenaline to test […]


Colby College Partners With Adrenaline, AeroLyte Jersey Featured in Spring ’15

Adrenaline Lacrosse is thrilled to announce its first-ever collegiate Marquee team, Colby College Division III Men’s Lacrosse. The Colby Men’s Lacrosse team will be the first collegiate team to wear the Adrenaline Aerolyte 66 uniform in spring of 2015. This top quality uniform is made with our new surf inspired AeroLyte66 fabric that offers the same four-way […]


Introducing The Adrenaline AeroLyte66 Jersey & Short Set

AEROLYTE 66 JERSEY & SHORT SET:  Lacrosse is unquestionably a combination of the best parts of a bunch of great sports.  Unlike other manufacturers we recognize that this is not a good jersey development strategy.  The AeroLyte 66 jersey is specifically designed for Lacrosse and Lacrosse alone.  It is constructed of our new surf inspired AeroLyte66 fabric […]


Shootout For Soldiers Ft. Adrln Inventory Control Manager, Mike Gnoffo

Our Inventory Control Manager here at Adrenaline, Mike Gnoffo, took the time to put some thoughts together about the Shootout for Soldiers and our newly formed relationship. Take a read below: Lacrosse and military service have been tied together so much in my life that in a way, connecting Adrenaline and Shootout for Soldiers felt […]