Coronado LaxDawgs is a club lacrosse program with a 12 year track record of success.  This family centric club is composed of players from Coronado High School and the Southern San Diego region.  The mission of the Coronado LaxDawgs program is to affordably train and develop players in the off season by working with highly qualified coaches within a multi-dimensional teaching platform.  This includes high level practice sessions, individual skills development, film review sessions, leadership speakers, chalk talk sessions, 3 tournaments with 15 games per season.  LaxDawgs is a historically powerful tool to connect NCAA caliber players with the proper collegiate fits through a 16 year established network with proven success as a result of trusted relationships within the collegiate lacrosse community. Players are also tied into the Adrenaline network which is the most powerful recruitment network in lacrosse.  Adrenaline is partnered with the ACC Coaches, NESCAC coaches and the Service Academy coaches to name a few.  Regardless of playing at the collegiate level, players will walk away from the LaxDawgs program with a memorable experience and a more polished player with NCAA level systems and concepts fully engrained within their Lacrosse IQ.

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  • Affordable price tag at an unbelievable value
  • 3 Tournaments with 15 games guaranteed
  • Experienced coaches with NCAA All-American and playing credentials. (see coaches list)
  • High intensity NCAA level practice sessions 2 per week (10-16 practices season depending)
  • Classroom chalk talk and strategy sessions 1 per week
  • Post tournament film review sessions
  • Player selections to high level Adrenaline & other NCAA recruitment showcases
  • Player selections to high level recruiting platform clubs (SD United, West Coast Starz)
  • Advocacy and guidance through the recruitment process


  • $25 Tryout Fee
  • $550 for 16 practices & three tournaments*
    • Cost/Value $11.70/HR


3 Tournaments & 16 Practices $550: 1 Recruiting & 2 Non-Recruiting

  • Adrenaline Shootout, Colorado Springs CO 8/14-8/16 (Recruiting)  **LAXDAWGS SELECT TEAM ONLY WITH ADDITIONAL FEE
  • Tinsletown Throwdown, Orange County CA 7/18 & 7/19
  • NEW DATE Sonoma Shootout, Sonoma CA 7/25 & 7/26
  • Americas Finest Rivalry, Temecula CA 8/8 & 8/9 (Recruiting)


  • Alex Cade: 19 year Coronado HS Head Coach, Most Wins in California History, Former CIF Coach of The Year, 3x CIF Championship Coach, Former MLL Professional Player, NCAA All American University of Notre Dame, CEO Adrenaline.


  • Trent Schulte (Defense, Face-Offs):NCAA All American Ohio Wesleyan, All American Coronado, All CIF, Defensive Coordinator SDSU.
  • Anthony Demaio (Offense, Dodging, Man-Up):NCAA Attackmen University of Maryland, NCAA All American, USL AA, ADRLN AA, CA POY, Coronado HS.
  • Nick Hernandez (Offense, Shooting): NCAA Midfielder Whittier College, All CIF Grossmont HS, ADRLN AA
  • Alex Cade (Goaltending, Director): NCAA All American Goaltender Notre Dame, Former MLL Goaltender.


  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024* (Some 2025’s will be considered)


All teams are attending the same tournaments which allows us the freedom to adjust the rosters per tournament to ensure the proper playing time and development opportunities for all players.  We will announce the final tournament rosters the week of the tournament, but all players will be on a team for each tournament.  Players are frequently asked to play up to challenge their skill level and enhance playing time and development for all players.

    • Example 1: A player on the 2022 or 2023 team could be asked to play on the 2021 team for a specific tournament or games within a tournament as appropriate.
    • Example 2: A player on the 2023 team could be asked to play on the 2022 or 2021 team (s) for a specific tournament or games within a tournament as appropriate.
    • Example 2: *A player on the 2024 team could be asked to play on the 2023 or 2022 team for a specific tournament or games within a tournament as appropriate. (*2023 players will not bump up beyond the 2020/2021 teams for tournaments)



Practices: 7pm-9pm @ Coronado HS;  Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays;  ANY CANCELED PRACTICES WILL BE RESCHEDULED

  • July: 2nd,7th, 8th, 9th,14th, 15th,16th, 21st, 22nd,23rd, 28th, 29th, 30th
  • August: 4th, 5th, 6th

**Players on the previous season’s teams get an automatic invite back to the next season.  If they have not registered and paid by indicated date their spot may be filled from the tryout pool.


LaxDawgs is tied into the Adrenaline Network which includes the top recruiting platform in the nation with invites to the highest level of recruitment Showcases and club programs for those players who wish to play at the next level.  (WCS, Blackcard)


To keep costs low and provide value focused on practice and game experience we have a one-time purchase player pack policy.  Players who are first timers to the LaxDawgs Program will be required to purchase a player pack on our online store.  Current players have the option to purchase replacement, or supplemental items from the team store each season as needed or desired.





Jake Brophy – Holy Cross
Nick Demaio – Boston University
Josh Perkins – Earlham
Liam Clark – Whittier
Gaige Kruger – Coast Guard Academy
Micah Grim – Cal

Mikhael Eyerman – Delaware
Easton Gormican – Bryant
Timmy Ferrar- Muhlenburg
Chris Laethem-Denison
Kyle Crews – GCU
Evan Jarvis – GCU
Franklin Golojuch – GCU

Cooper Champagne – Whittier
Anthony Demaio – Boston University
Ian Ross-Westminster
Trevor Gilbert-USC
Dylan Baker-Cal
Tyler Umanski-Cal

Kyle Anderson – Hofstra
Jacob Maldonado – ASU
Aidan McGuckin – Cal Poly
Sam McPeak – Denison
Tyler Milican – CSU Pueblo
Evan Price – Eastern
Michael Rodriguez – Merchant Marine Academy
Parker Zimmerman – Vassar

Sam Dawidzik – ASU
Kingsont De Laurentis – Chico St
Emmet Gormican – Connecticut College
Ryan Marchand – Whittier
Charlie Mayers – Oregon
Trent Schulte – Ohio Wesleyan
Kyle Bundegaard – UCSB
Troy Cummings – SDSU
Jack Little – Hampden Sydney

Colin McMahon – Dominican University
Michael Trent – Adams State
Jack Perkins – Bellarmine
Kevin Fahey- Bellarmine
Justin Smith – Ohio Wesleyan
Jake Weidner – RPI
Scott Vancil – Dominican
Nick Hernandez – Washington College
Alex Hernandez – Virginia Wesleyan
Myles Dalton-Steinhart – Pfeiffer University
Quintin Purdue – Dominican
Drew Bossert – Seton Hill

Hunter Corpus (Midfield) : Air Force
Evan Powell (Goalie): Bellarmine
Franz Hahn (Midfield): Seton Hill University
Dakota Rohlin (Midfield): Jacksonville
Reis Stanley (Goalie): Dominican
Denning Crenshaw (Defense): RIT
Taylor Rathbun (Defense): Salisbury
Aidan Kennedy (Attack): Colorado College
Bobby Ferrar (Attack) Colorado State University

AJ Fialkowski (Attack): Mitchell College
Jacob Lujan (Attack): Cal Poly
Taylor Chase (Midfield): Cal Poly
Alex Bookout (Attack): Denison
Dane Farguson (Defense): Dominican
Warren Brody (Attack): Chapman
Patrick Butler (FOGO): Dominican
Billy Schmitt (Defense): Lenoir Rhyne
Kyle Runyon (Attack): Notre Dame
Grey Owen (Defense): Pfeiffer
Andrew Sayer (Goalie): Providence
Matt Ohara (Attack): Skidmore
Sergio Flores (Midfield): UCLA
Andrew Ovrum (Goalie):Bucknell

Kodie Englehart (Midfield): Univ. of  Vermont, Coronado
Eddie Vita (Attack): Denison, Coronado
Nick Nacrelli (Goalie): Seton Hill, Serra
Jason McCallum (Midfield): Middlebury College, LJCD
Mikey Soumekh (Attack): Denison, La Jolla
Kevin Seifert (Midfield): Univ. of Notre Dame, Coronado
Jake Hamilton (Midfield): Washington College, LJCD
Sandro Ballarin (Defense): Sonoma State University, Patrick Henry

Jonny Poe (LSM): Washington College, Coronado
Thomas Bradley (Goalie): Gettysburg College, Francis Parker
Daniel Nevitt (Defense): UCSB, Coronado
Justin Willey (Defense): UCSB, Coronado
Kevin Farley (Midfield): US Naval Academy, Patrick Henry
Will Stefano (Defense): UCSB, Cathedral
Bobby Braun (Attack): UCSB, Coronado
Caleb Harley (Attack): Fontbonne University, Patrick Henry
Zac Ivy (Attack): Eastern University, Foothills Christian
Jonathan Little (Defense): ASU, Coronado
Spencer Price (Attack): Texas, Cathedral
Justin Willey (Defense): Chapman, Cathedral

Cory Couture (Attack): Denison, Coronado
Ryland Stanley (Defense): Virginia Wesleyan University, Coronado
John Gilbreath (Goalie): Loyola Marymount University, Cathedral
Joe D’Amato (Midfielder): SDSU, Serra
Richie Beswick (Defense): Whittier, Granite Hills
Olivier Schmied (Attack): Cal Poly, Coronado
Carlos Caballero (Attack): Eastern Connecticut, Patrick Henry

Geoff Worley (Attack): University of Vermont, Coronado
Erik Karlsson (Midfield): Loyola Marymount University, Coronado
Jacob Vita (Midfield): Denison University, Coronado
Jake Benzian (Goalie): Washington and Lee University, Coronado
Austen McRae (Midfield): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Coronado

Due to the preplanning nature of events, Adrln enforces a “No Refund Policy”.  In order to help protect your travel and registration fee’s in the event you suffer an injury either on the field or off, illness or cancellation due to inclement weather,  we encourage you to purchase the new AIG insurance policy called “Registration Saver.”  The policy covers your registration and travel fee investment for the club season.  The premium cost is 7% of the season fee and will give you relief from our strict “No Refund Policy” should an issue occur before or during the season.

Please click here to receive a quote today. If you have any questions, please call AIG directly at 866-690-6859. They are open and available for questions concerning coverage and services 24 hours each day.

All players must register for tryouts in order to be considered for the team. A deadline will be given for season registration based on the clubs schedule. All players must be registered for the season by this deadline or they will risk losing their roster spot.

Players not registered by the given deadline will not be allowed to practice with the team or participate in any events until they appropriate registration/payments have been made.

There will be two payment options for the season fees:
1. Pay in full
2. Payment installment plan where the fees will be split into three installments due one month apart from each other. If this option is selected, the player still must be registered by the given registration deadline

Any player not registered by the deadline will not be provided additional payment options and will be held to the given payment due dates. All registrations and payments must be done through the website. Out of system payments will no longer be accepted.

If there is financial aid available for your club it will be distributed appropriately based on:

  1. Verified Family Income– The eligibility threshold is a combined parental Adjusted Gross Income of $60,000 (line 37 on the Federal Tax Return Form 1040). Additional factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may also be considered by the Financial Aid Committee. To verify your income when applying for financial aid, you must email or fax a signed copy of the most recent Federal Tax Return Form 1040 (including specifically line 37) to or (619) 610-9943. If a form is being faxed, please notify us at the email address given above.
  2. Amount Awarded– The Financial Aid Committee shall determine the amount of the financial aid available for a season; however, there is no obligation to award any/all of the award pool.  Based on the amount of the award pool and the amount of financial aid requests, awards will be made on a sliding scale based on verified family income.  The maximum amount of an award shall not exceed the total fee for the particular program.
  3. Applications– Financial aid applications must be submitted 2 months prior to the first day of practice/event and will be reviewed, determined and communicated prior to the first practice/event.
  4. Tryouts– All athletes must register and pay for tryouts. There is no financial aid or discounts available for tryouts.

Discount codes will be offered and distributed at the club directors discretion each season. Please contact your club director for inquiries on discount codes.

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