Teams On The Path To Platinum At The Adrln Invitational PA

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The Adrenaline Invitational PA  is here and surely not an event to be overlooked in the midst of a hectic summer schedule. Not only does this tournament bring in 50+ college coaches, it is also a ticket into the most highly touted, invite-only recruiting event of the year, the Adrenaline Platinum Cup. With 65+ elite teams from 18 different states competiting for divisions titles across the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 grad years, the reigning champions will kick off their 2020 summer in front of 120+ NCAA coaches at Black Card/Platinum Cup weekend. The Invitational guarantees a variety of new competition with teams hailing from all corners of the US, including FL, IL, MD, MI, CO, NJ, CT, PA, CA, KS, WI, UT, NY, DE, KY, TX, and OR. For all the teams that travel far to compete in front of college coaches, it is incredibly important to attend the right events to ensure maximum exposure. Conversely, college coaches take advantage of midwest and western programs congregating in the Upper Atlantic by attending these events, which in turn incentivizes east coast teams to get involved. On the field, its a turf war of regional respect, which gives way to insanely competitive games making the trip worthwhile for all.

You can find all games for the weekend on Tourney Machine HERE.

As always, please share your experience with us! Use the hashtags #Adrln #PAInvitational19 for a chance to be featured!

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