Platinum Cup




In its 8th year the Adrln Platinum Cup (APC) is an invitation only event, comprised of the top teams from the country’s most prestigious club lacrosse organizations.  This event is known as the top destination for teams and NCAA recruiters alike.  The Platinum Cup was created with the sole intention of bringing the top national teams from each level together, for one weekend at a single venue. Teams will compete at the highest level in an intimate and manageable environment for hundreds of college recruiters. This event facilitates for a very deep and diverse lineup of talented players, in a very intense championship style format tournament. The Platinum Cup will attract the best recruiters from NCAA Division I, II & III programs and allows them to see recruits play within the framework of a structured, systematic, team environment.  To see which recruiters and teams attended in the past click the links below.


To learn how to get a bid to the Platinum cup contact

This tournament is part of the US Lacrosse Nationals Qualifier System. The 2020 US Lacrosse Nationals will welcome boys’ and girls’ teams in the 14U and 13U divisions.  Qualifiers that take place through July 2019 will award points towards a berth in the 2020 Nationals to 13U and 12U teams. Qualifiers scheduled for the Fall of 2019 will award Nationals points to 14U and 13U teams, as players age up through their respective program according to the US Lacrosse Player Segmentation Calendar.  To learn more information about US Lacrosse Nationals or to Register for your Tourney Team ID, please visit:  




  • Top teams at each level nationally in attendance (2020-2025)
  • 120+ NCAA college coaches attending
  • 3 Engaging top level clinics and instruction from the top NCAA minds in the game
  • 5 games over the course of the weekend
  • Premium venues ensure top conditions for play
  • Professionally run by an events staff with 16 years of Lacrosse specific operational experience
  • Block scheduling, vendor village and tourist packages ensure fun for the whole family
  • Sponsored by Gatorade

DIVISIONS | Boys Only!
*All players must be a US Lacrosse member to participate

2020 (11th Grade)
2021 (10th Grade)
2022 (9th Grade)
2023 (8th Grade)
2024 (7th Grade) (Qualifies for 13U of USL National Championship)
2025 (6th Grade) (Qualifies for 12U of USL National Championship)


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Event Details

June 8-9, 2019 (Saturday-Sunday)
4000 Bay Road
Frederica, DE 19946

* 2020-2023 = $2600
* 2024-2025 = $1900


* 2020 (Grade 11)
* 2021 (Grades 10)
* 2022 (Grade 9)
* 2023 (Grade 8)
* 2024 (Grade 7) – Qualifies for 13U of USL Nationals
* 2025 (Grade 6) – Qualifies for 12U of USL Nationals
* 2026/2027 (Grades 4/5)

* This event is for Boys only
* All players MUST register to participate
* All players MUST be members of US Lacrosse
* Divisions are based on “grade completed” by Summer 2019
* The division that a team plays in is dictated by the oldest player on that team
* This event is open to any and all, limited only by age and number



Congratulations To The 2019 Challenge Division Champions!

2020 Division Co-Champions: West Coast Starz 2020/Sweetlax 2020

2021 Division Champions: West Coast Starz 2021

2022 Division Champions:

2023 Division Champions: Brotherly Love Zeus

2024 Division Champions: Looney’s 2024 Orange – Dalanzo

2025 Division Champions: BBL Elite 2025 Black



This is a STAY TO PLAY tournament.  All non-commuting teams participating in the tournament MUST (as a condition of acceptance) make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing services.  Please do not call the hotels directly and book through the hotel reservation link below.  We appreciate your support as these partnered hotels assist in sponsoring our event.

 Adrenaline Lacrosse is proud to partner with HBC Event Services, a travel/booking agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.  HBC Event Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates.  These rates are lower than the hotel’s best available rate and usually includes breakfast for your team.  HBC Event Services guarantees that if the tournament is cancelled due to weather, you will not be charged for any cancellation penalties that you may otherwise have been subject to if you made your reservation elsewhere.  This guarantee does not include hotel reservations made after the hotel cut off dates.

Please call HBC Event Services at (505) 346-0522 and/or if you have any questions and/or have any special hotel requests.


Highlight Video

2019 Attending Teams

To Enter a team please contact DAN.MEEHAN@ADRLN.COM


Madlax Capital 2020 | VA 
West Coast Starz 2020 | CA
NXT Philly 2020 | PA
Denver Elite 2020 Silver | CO
Predators 2020 | NY
NJ Riot Chaos 2020 | NJ
Next Level 2020 | MD
Harvest 2020 | NY
Tri-State 2020 I PA 
Team 91 Carolina Cannons 2020 | NC 
Team 91 Carolina Cannons Varsity | NC 
PA Roughriders 2020 | PA
BBL Elite 2020 Black | NJ

HoCo 2020 – Derwent | MD 
Team 302 2020 | DE 
Sweetlax Florida 2020 | FL 
True Ohio 2020 | OH 
FCA Upstate 2020 | NY 
Resolute 2020 Ohio | OH 
Eastside 2020 

Madlax Captial 2021 | VA 
West Coast Starz 2021 | CA
Denver Elite 2021 Silver | CO
Predators 2021 | NY
Texas Mustangs 2021 | TX
L4 Select 2021 | KY
NJ Riot Chaos 2021 | NJ
Next Level 2021 | MD
Tri-State 2021 I PA
BBL Elite 2021 Black | NJ
Harvest 2021 I NY

Top Gun Fighting Clams 2021 I MA 
LI Outlaws 2021 | NY 
Team 91 Carolina Cannons 2021 | NC 
True Ohio 2021 | OH 
NXT Philly 2021 | PA 
Greene Turtle 2021 | MD 
Legacy Greyhounds 2021 | NY 
Richmond Hawks 2021 I VA 
Team 11 |  PA 
Mad Dog 2021 | NJ 
Resolute 2021 Ohio | OH 
Rebels LC 2021 | NY 
Bucktown 2021 | VA 
FCA MD 2021 | MD 
FCA Upstate 2021 | NY 
HoCo 2021 Doughty | MD 

Madlax Capital 2022 | VA
West Coast Starz 2022 | CA

Top Gun Fighting Clams 2022 | MA 
NJ Riot Chaos 2022 I NJ
BBL Elite 2022 Black | NJ 
Tri-State 2022 I PA 
Predators 2022 I NY 
Next Level 2022 I MD 
NXT Philly 2022 I PA 
Denver Elite 2022 Silver I CO 
Team 91 Carolina Cannons 2022 | NC 
PA Roughriders 2022 | PA 
Team 91 MD 2022 | MD 
Patriot ELITE 2022 | NJ 
True OH 2022 | OH 
Bucktown 2022 | NC 
Resolute 2022 Ohio | OH 
Richmond Hawks 2022 I VA 
EDGE 2022 | CAN 
FCA Upstate 2022 | NY 
HoCo 2022 – Garthoff | MD
Team Slainte 2022 | MD –
Rebels LC 2022 | NY 

NJ Riot 2023 Chaos I NJ 
BBL Elite 2023 Black | NJ
Tri-State 2023 I PA
Predators 2023 I NY
Next Level 2023 Blue I MD
NXT Philly 2023 I PA
West Coast Starz 2023 I CA
Team 91 MD | MD
MB Select 2023 | NY
Patriot ELITE 2023 | NJ
True OH 2023 | OH
Bucktown 2023 | NC

Blue Star White | NJ
Brotherly Love Zues | PA
EDGE 2023 | CAN
Denver Elite 2023 Silver | CO
Resolute 2023 Ohio | OH
Rebels LC 2023 | NY

BBL Elite 2024 Black | NJ
Next Level 2024 Blue I MD
NXT Philly 2024 I PA
Denver Elite 2024 Silver I CO
West Coast Starz 2024 I CA
Rebels LC 2024 | NY
Team 91 MD 2024 | MD
Patriot ELITE 2024 | NJ
Resolute 2024 | OH
Bucks Select Black 2024 | PA
Legacy Launch 2024 | NY
Brotherly Love Hercules | PA
EDGE 2024 | CAN
FCA MD 2024 Blue | MD
Looneys 2024 Orange – Dalonzo | MD
Team United 2024 | NJ
Tri-State 2024 | NJ
NJ Riot Chaos 2024 | NJ

BBL Elite 2025 Black | NJ
NXT Philly 2025 I PA
Denver Elite 2025 I CO
West Coast Starz 2025 I CA
Rebels LC 2025 | NY
Team 91 MD 2025 | MD
Patriot ELITE 2025 | NJ
Brotherly Love Ares | PA
FCA MD 2025 Blue | MD
Tri-State 2025 | NJ


Frederica, DE 19946




Adrenaline Name & Shield


As a Coach/Director, I understand that:

  • All of my players must be registered/paid prior to stepping foot on the field.  Any player not registered/paid will not be permitted to play.
  • Eligibility requirements, at all levels of the game, must be followed.  Rules and requirements such as age, previous level of participation, and team transfers, have been established to encourage and maximize participation, fair play and to promote safety.  Adrenaline Tournament Rules can be found on each event page.
  • I should always demonstrate positive behavior and reinforce these traits to players, parents, officials and spectators.  Players should be encouraged by coaches to demonstrate positive behavior and respect for teammates, opponents, officials and spectators.
  • Spectators will be informed that positive behavior is required at all events and they should not get involved in any on field disputes.
  • My first priority is the health and safety of the players assigned to my team.
  • Grievances or misunderstandings between coaches, officials or any other parties involved with the sport should be communicated through the proper channels, never on the field of play or in view of spectators or participants.  All field tents have the ability to communicate with the Tournament Director or Main Information Tent.
  • The use of profanity or vulgar language is unacceptable.
  • The value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair play, and the skills of the game should always be placed above winning.

The facilty will provide food/drink concessions but you may want to consider a catering option.  The catering menu is below, if you are interested, please contact Dan Wheeler (302) 245-7570 or

DE Turf Tailgating Menu 1

DE Turf Tailgating Menu 2



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Harbor Co. Photography

Colorado Lacrosse Outfitters

If you’re interested in vending please contact

Additional Insurance


Adrenaline is pleased to announce we are offering parents a solution to our “No Refund” policy as it relates to event fees.  We are highly recommending that you purchase this new AIG policy called “Registration Saver”.  You may still purchase even though you have already registered.

The policy helps protect parent’s investment in non-refundable event fees and related travel cost if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather or your player suffers an injury or illness either on or off the field prior to the event.  It also covers many other unforeseen circumstances, which might prevent a player from participating. 

 Here are some key reasons why we wanted to make parents aware of the “Registration Saver”:

  • Adrenaline has a “NO” Refund Policy
  • Injuries & Illness Occurs
  • Event Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather
  • Non-Refundable Travel Costs Are Covered
  • Affordable Coverage at 6% of Event & Travel Costs

***Note: The policy must be purchased 15 or more days prior to the start of the event. The premium is very affordable and calculated based on 6% of the event and travel related expenses.

If you purchase a policy and an injury, illness or other unforeseen event should happen to your player before the tournament start date, the policy kicks in to reimburse your costs. 

How to Buy:  Please visit the website: to review the coverage.  To complete the simple application, click on “Apply Now” and select the “Tournament & Camps”.   You can purchase a policy for just the event registration fee or if you wish to include your travel, simply fill in the related travel expenses in the fields provided and your premium will be calculated for you. If parents and family members are traveling also, you can purchase the travel for the whole family! We highly recommend purchasing ASAP!




  • Adrenaline has a strict NO REFUNDS policy for all events and clubs.
  • To protect your registration fee’s in the event you suffer an injury either on the field or off, illness or cancellation due to inclement weather, we encourage you to purchase the new AIG insurance policy called “Registration Saver.”
  • The policy covers your registration fee investment for a camp/tournament or a club season.  If you have already registered, you can still get coverage.  Camp/tournament coverage MUST be purchased at least 14 days in advance of the start date.  Club season coverage can be purchased at any time.
  • If something should happen to your player after the season/tournament start date, the policy will refund your fees pro-rata, based on the duration of the season/tournament or when the player has to stop participating.
  • The premium cost is 6% of camp/tournament fees or 7% of club season fees and will give you relief from Adrenaline’s strict No Refunds policy.
  • To review the coverage and complete the simple application, go to  Click on “Apply Now” and select the “Season”/”Camp-Tournament” policy to sign up.
  • AIG can be reached at 866-690-6859 and is available 24/7.


The safety of our players, coaches, referees, fans and staff comes first.  In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, Adrenaline reserves the right to:

  • Cancel games partially or entirely
  • Reduce game times, eliminate halftime or shorten time between games
  • Finish games before inclement weather arrives
  • Reschedule and/or relocate games
  • Convert a tournament to a “festival” format without a playoffs or championship

If there is a lightning strike within 6 miles of the facility, play will be suspended immediately and will not resume until 30 minutes after the last lighting strike within 6 miles of the facility.  If a game stoppage occurs in the second half of a game, that game will be considered final and the score at that time will be recorded as final.  If a game stoppage occurs in the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half.

We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game but our ability to do this is dependent on field availability and lighting.   We will post schedule delays, changes and cancellations on Tourney Machine and on the event web page.  Additionally we will email all registered club directors, coaches and players via LeagueApps.  Weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams MUST be prepared to play as soon as the weather clears and fields are playable or risk forfeiting a game.

Facility management often has the final say on weather and field condition delays and cancellations.


  • Players interested in participating in an event but are not on a team MUST register as a Free Agent on our website.
  • If a Free Agent Fee applies, the Free Agent must pay the fee.  If they are not placed a full refund will be granted.
  • Once a player registers as a Free Agent, contact information will be sent to all attending coaches/directors.
  • If a team needs an additional player, they will contact the Free Agent directly.
  • If the player fee is set to $0, Coaches/Directors may set their own Free Agent price.


If there is Financial Aid available, it will be distributed appropriately based on:

  1. Verified Family Income – The eligibility threshold is combined parental Adjusted Gross of $60,000 (line 37 on federal tax return form 1040).  Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.  A signed copy of the most recent Federal Tax Return must be emailed to
  2. Amount  Awarded – The Financial Aid Committee shall determine the amount of the financial aid available for a season/event; however, there is no obligation to award any/all of the award pool.  Based on the amount of the award pool and the amount of financial aid requests, awards will be made on a sliding scale based on verified family income.  The maximum amount of an award shall not exceed the total fee for the program/event.
  3. Applications – Financial Aid applications must be submitted 2 months prior to the first day of practice/event and will be reviewed, determined and communicated one month prior to practice.
  4. Recruiting Events – Due to NCAA rules, no Financial Aid will be granted for recruiting events.

Questions regarding any of these policies should be directed to