A Guide To The Adrenaline Outerwear Collection

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The Adrenaline Outerwear Collection is defined by function and versatility. Working with top designers from the outdoor world and custom milling our own fabrics empowers us to provide garments designed and built specifically for lacrosse. Our Outerwear Collection features multiple pieces with consistent quality and varied functionality so you can choose the right piece to weather every forecast.



The Adrenaline Outerwear Collection is made up of five different jackets – Early Season, Puffer, Darth Cader Full Zip, AFNF, and the original Darth Cader. Each piece has specific functionality related to Wind/Water Resistance & Packability/Insulation, allowing you to choose the right jacket based on the forecast.


No matter the forecast, the Adrenaline Outerwear Collection has you covered. Shop the collection online, or get a custom quote with Adrenaline Team.



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