Whales Lax & Adrln Form a Unique Experience For Charm City Player

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Adrenaline and Whales Lacrosse have linked up to provide an unforgettable experience for a Charm City Youth Lacrosse player. Adrenaline will fly out honorary CCYL player, Kabe Clark, to Washington where the Whales family will host Kabe while he guests for their team in the South Sound Summer Slam tournament. The idea spurred out of a call from the Whales group after seeing an inspirational video on the Charm City instagram account (repopulated by Kyle Harrison). The post focused on how CCYL and the game of lacrosse has positively impacted a child’s life. Wanting to get involved in someway, the collab grew to include Adrenaline Athlete Kyle Harrison who played in integral role in making this idea happen. The Baltimore native recently became a board member for Charm City Youth Lacrosse League about a year ago when he moved to Charlotte.  From there, everything came together pretty seamlessly. “It is a testament to how the lacrosse community wants to work together, wants to help each other out and create unique and incredible experiences for kids”, Harrison stated in an interview about the organizations teaming up.

The Charm City Youth Lacrosse League and Whales Lacrosse are two organizations that are dedicated to giving back to the kids, community, and the sport. The Charm City Youth Lacrosse League is the only one of its kind in Baltimore. As stated on their website, the league provides lacrosse skills training, league play, and mentoring to underserved Baltimore City youth at no cost. It also provides recreational enrichment, builds leadership skills, teaches good sportsmanship, offers valuable positive social interaction, and enables participants to forge relationships with leaders from both the Baltimore area business community and civic community. Their ultimate goal is to construct a fully functional league modeled after the top leagues in the Baltimore area by getting the youngest players involved in organized sports before they are pulled into less positive activities.

The Whales lacrosse organization was founded in 2014 by fifteen-year-old Jimmy Ryan from Portland Oregon.  His main reason for starting the team was to play in a tournament for the love of the game, not to perform for recruiters or intense parents and coaches. It turned out there were a lot of other talented players who wanted to play for the same reason. One of those players was Logan Beck.  Logan’s mom is a stage 4 breast cancer survivor and huge lacrosse fan. When Mrs. Beck heard about the Whales team that was forming she cried tears of joy as, she too, wanted to bring fun back to lacrosse. When Jimmy saw her reaction, he decided that the first team would play for her and champion money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  That team raised $10,000 in one weekend.  Next, Jimmy’s brother Charlie followed suit and formed a Whales team that raised $14,000 for pediatric cancer research.  The momentum picked up and now there have been 8 Whales teams or “pods.”  The teams assemble for one tournament only and there are no practices. The 9th and 10th pods will play July 14-16 at the South Sound Summer Slam in Tacoma, WA to honor Sam Taylor and raise money for pediatric cancer research at Fred Hutch. The team is a few weeks out from the tournament and have already championed over $10,000 for the Strong4Sam Foundation!

Kabe will fly to the PNW to join the Whales team for a great team event. Kabe is a member of the Charm City Lacrosse program and is extremely honored to be selected for such a unique opportunity. For Kabe, this cause hits close to home because his was brother was diagnosed with cancer in his ear. When Kabe found out he had been given the chance to play and raise money for cancer research, he felt even more connected to the team and their cause. “Lacrosse is basically my life. I live, breath, and eat lacrosse. I just want to play every day!”, says Kabe, and the Whales have provided him a unique opportunity to do just that. Kabe has never been out West, and we can wait to hear how the weekend unfolds!

Stay tuned for pictures and updates on the trip!