Platinum Cup Team Spotlight: Denver Elite

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Another elite western program heads east for our annual summer kick off at Platinum Cup, set to take place in Delaware on June 10th & 11th. Colorado has quickly become a state loaded with powerhouse high school programs, finding its niche for producing top level players who consistently secure spots on NCAA rosters. Recruiters and club directors alike look forward to watching western programs like Denver Elite prove themselves against the storied hot-bed clubs, because it undoubtedbly pushes the level of competition to new heights. Learn more below!

Club Program:

Denver Elite

Divisions/Age Groups:

2018 Silver, 2019 Silver, 2020 Silver, 2020 Blue, 2021 Silver, 2022 Silver, 2022 Blue, 2023 Silver, 2023 Blue, 2024 Silver

Director/ Coaches:  

Bill Tierney, Trevor Tierney, Matt Brown, Kenny Crowley, John Orsen, Jeremy Noble


Social Media Handles:

Twitter: @lxtclacrosse


Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?:

Denver, Colorado

How long has your program been around? How has it grown?

Our program was founded in 2009. Since then, LXTC has grown into the premier lacrosse training center in the West. The reputation of LXTC is founded on our resounding success in Denver Pioneer Lacrosse Camps, USBOXLA Lacrosse, and Denver Elite Club Lacrosse teams.

What are your team values/ goals?

LXTC Lacrosse Training Center, LLC is based upon on a tradition of excellence within the game and is dedicated towards the athletic and personal development of the next generation of players.

What is your favorite Adrenaline tournament and why?

Platinum Cup is our favorite tournament because of the heightened levels of play and competition. The elite nature of play challenges the players and coaches.

What is your favorite club memory and why?

Each year our greatest memory is looking back at the personal growth of each of our players. They grow to believe in themselves and cultivate a resolute winning attitude toward competition on and off the field.

Any current committed players?Jake Hardy (2017): Canisius College


Mac Tezak- University of Denver

Jack Weigand- Army

Aaron Boyd (2017): University of Denver

Evan Place (2017): Air Force

Joey Soran (2017): Penn State University

Hunter Graefe (2017): John Hopkins University

Braden Host (2017): Air Force

Tyler Reynolds- Sacred Heart University

Brandon Boehm- Colorado Mesa University

Nolan Hector- Robert Morris University

Roland Moellenberg- McGill University


Josh James- Towson University

Nick Williams- Hofstra University

Colby Moore- University of Denver

Jackson Harvey- University of Denver

Shane Sullivan- Lindenwood University

August Johnson- Air Force

Anders Erickson- Furman University


Jake Taylor- University of Denver

Reed Babcock- University of Denver

Eric Pacheco- University of Denver

TK Hammond- University of Denver

Jared Hodell- Bucknell University

Jack Thompson- University of Denver

Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level?

Matt Goettleman: West Point

Mike Wegner: Loyola University

Ryan Russell: Villanova University

Nick Tuttle: Canisius College

Charlie Wurzer: Jacksonville University

Ben Gleichenhaus: Jacksonville University

Broderick Vitale: The College of Holy Cross

Chet Dunstan: Air Force

Joey Matarazzo: Air Force

Luke Leathers: Air Force

Hansen Finley: Air Force

Adam Kratt: Air Force

Matt Soran: Drexel University

Jack Stebbins: Colgate University

Derik Mango: Marist College

Simon Quan: Sacred Heart University

Tyler Reynolds: Sacred Heart University

Chad Kruezer: Furman University

Carter Jensen: Cleveland State University

Caleb Espinoza: Cleveland State University

Cole Baker: University of Delaware

Dan Simpson: Lynn University

Brian Wegner: University of Denver

Colton McCaffrey: University of Denver

Dylan Johnson:University of Denver

Colton Jackson: University of Denver

Matt Jones: University of Denver

Nick Phillips: University of Denver

David Winsor: University of  Denver

Jaden Franklin: University of Denver

Tristan Snellgrove: University of Mount Olive