Peter Baum’s Holiday Gift Guide



December 18th, 2014

With the Holiday season underway and so many options out there we thought you could use a little help. We asked Adrenaline Athlete Peter Baum to pick some of his favorite items from the Winter ’14 apparel line and of course he included a couple items that only our athletes have access to. Here were a few of his top picks:




Strife: The Adrenaline Strife sock has turned #SockGame upside down and offers serious athletes an extremely comfortable and high quality sock that is built for the top athletes in the game. These socks made their debut with the Adrenaline Black Card event and the MLL this last season. Needless to say, the top players in the world approve and these are the top choice among our Adrenaline Pro Athletes. We’re currently sold out of these on our site so check it at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store and grab a pair (or 7).


Vendetta: Finally! A top level performance sock that has all of the high end technical aspects as the Strife but without all of the flare. These socks were built for the games top athletes who like to keep things a little bit cleaner. The Vendetta sock is quickly becoming one of our most sought after products and will make a big splash in 2015. Limited supplies so if you have the chance to grab these then act quickly!


USA Mesh Top Socks: Currently sold out of these in white and blue so check with your local retailer to see if they’re carrying them! We have a few left in Red if you grab ’em quickly!


Mamba: The sock that is quickly replacing the Nike mid-calf for lacrosse players nation-wide. This sock not only performs well on the field but also gives lacrosse players an awesome look off the field. The subtle branding hit and extremely comfortable base makes this sock a must have for everyone whether they’re on or off the field. 



Montezuma Hoodie: This zip up hoody is as soft and comfortable as you’d to expect from Adrenaline outerwear. Our Athletes have gone crazy for these things and we can understand why. The screen printed Adrenaline Corporate logo has a wintry flare that resonates very well for the winter months.



Rover Street V-Neck: This is a HUGE hit among all of our employees. The modern fit and small branding hit on the left side of the chest make this V-Neck a great option when you want to look a little classier without having to resort to a button down. Just like all of our products in the Winter 14 line this V-Neck is extremely comfortable and fits great. 


Ruckus Street T: The strong Adrenaline branding on the piece speaks to our core advocates and brand ambassadors. I’ve you’ve identified with our brand from day when then this shirt is for you. The ’01 numbers featured on the back represent the year our apparel company was founded. This shirt in particular is a favorite among our loyal fans. 



Unnamed Sample Shorts: These shorts were crazy expensive to make and we had a super limited run of these so only top Influencers and our Athletes got ’em. The designs have been very well received so we want to make some more! Thinking about a sublimated sock of these too maybe??


Adrenaline River Short: This was a special make up we did for Lacrosse Unlimited. That’s right, these super comfortable performance lacrosse shorts are only available at LU. These clean shorts were made for the high level lacrosse athlete who doesn’t need a bunch of crazy designs to stand out. Let your play do the talking and grab a pair of these light weight River shorts today.

Sweats: These Adrenaline sweats were made a couple seasons ago but Peter still loves them! They never made it into a full product line but a few employees and athletes got their hands on them early on. After years of begging we’re finally bringing sweatpants back into the mix for 2015! Stay tuned.




Liberty Snap Back: Every time a retail partner has come to an Adrenaline event with this hat they’ve sold out within the first few hours of opening. Your mouse can’t move quickly enough to grab this thing! Made with Rip-Stop Nylon for a lightweight hat that is comfortable and durable. USA! USA! USA!


Corpo Snap Back: The classic Corpo hat. This hat has been a staple for a couple seasons now and it never gets old. If you don’t already have one of these then grab one today…a must have for your hat wardrobe. 


Corpo Fold-Over Beanie: If you’re going to keep your head and ears warm then you might as well do it in style! This classic looking beanie (or toque for our friends up north) is a great winter hat for training, walking to class or hanging with your friends.