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An Adrenaline recruiting event wouldn’t be the same without a canadian powerhouse in the mix! We are pumped to host Edge Lacrosse state side for the second Fall Adrln Invitational in Leesburg, VA! They will undoubtedly raise the level of play as evidenced by their success in breeding collegiate-bound athletes. Check them out:

Club Program: 

EDGE Lacrosse

Divisions/Age Groups: 

EDGE 2017 – EDGE 2025

Director/ Coaches: 

Owner/Founder: Stu Brown

Director: Alan Tsang


Social Media Handles (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook): 

Twitter: @EdgeLacrosse // Instagram:@EdgeLacrosse Facebook: Edge Lacrosse


Where is your program based?What other cities are you in, if any? 

Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, Canada


How long has your program been around? 

Since 2006.


What are your team values/ goals?

Edge lacrosse stands for the intangible qualities that develop champions as well as excellent student athletes.  Our Philosophy at Edge lacrosse is a team first concept. Furthermore, our values dictate that you must instil discipline and commitment on the field and in the classroom.

Edge stands for exceptional and outstanding standards represented by exceptional and outstanding student athletes. Therefore, there is a definite expectation that the uniform be worn with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Each player must be aware that they are an individual representation of all that Edge stands for.

Edge believes in Elite players with Elite attitudes. We look to develop elite players with a passion to lead.  In bringing together a group of such exceptional athletes there is a creation of something very special very unique that we are proud to call Edge.


What is your team motto?

“To ensure that players learn to play the game with sound fundamentals and an ability to execute individual skills and team strategies in pressure situations. To help players develop the EDGE necessary to take their game to the next level and be a valuable contributor on any championship team.”


Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level?

LOTS! Over 260 alumni since 2006. But a few of the notable alumni:

Jordan MacIntosh (Edge 2006 / RIT / Minnesota Swarm / Team Canada)

Zach Palmer (Edge 2007 / Johns Hopkins / Team Canada)

Mark Matthews (Edge 2007 / Denver University / Edmonton Rush / Team Canada)

Adam Jones (Edge 2006 / Canisius / Colorado Mammoth / Team Canada)

Jeremy Noble (Edge Jr / Denver University / Colorado Mammoth / Team Canada)

Jason Noble (Edge Jr / Cornell / Minnesota Swarm / Team Canada)

Dillon Ward (Edge Jr / Bellarmine / Colorado Mammoth / Team Canada)

Alex Crepinsek (Edge 2007 / Minnesota Swarm)

Mark Cockerton (Edge 2007 / Virginia / New England Blackwolves / Team Canada)

Kiel Matisz (Edge 2008 / Robert Morris / Minnesota Swarm)

Brock Sorenson (Edge 2006 / Ohio State / Toronto Rock)

Joel Tinney (Edge 2010 / Culver / Johns Hopkins)

TJ Sanders (Edge Jr / Penn State)

Ian Mackay (Edge Jr / Vermont)

Tyler Albrecht (Edge Jr/ Loyola)

Shane Simpson (Edge Jr / UNC)

Alec Tulett (Edge Sr/ Brown)

Chad Tutton (Edge Jr / UNC)

Dan Lintner (Edge Jr / Cornell)


Any current committed players? Please include their full name, grad year, and where they are headed.


Brent Noseworthy (University of Michigan)

Spencer Andrews (Mars Hill University)

Cole Robillard (NJIT)

Matt Pogue (RIT)

Luke Henderson (RIT)

Stefan Tracogna (U Indy)

Ty Conn (Detroit Mercy)

Josh Bryers (Mars Hill University)

Peyton Mooney (Brevard College)

Luke Allen (U Indy)

Conor Sharkey (Pfeiffer)

Greg Morisette (Lynn University)

Austin Bouchard (Mars Hill  University)


Justin Scott (Hobart College)

Cody Haas (Canisius College)

Tanner Baldin (Hartford University)

Ryan Smith (Robert Morris University)


Kyle Kolwich (University of North Carolina)

Drake Porter (Syracuse University)

Jackson Reid (High Point University)

Justin Inacio (Ohio State University)

Jonathan Donville (Cornell University)

Aidan Conlon (University at Albany)

Kyle Hebert (Stony Brook University)

Brody McLean (Stony Brook University)

Ty Stinson (UMBC)

Mike Berger (Marquette University)

Keaton Thomson (Marquette University)

Matt Di Lella (Quinnipiac University)

Adam Kitchen (Robert Morris University)

Daniel Balawejder (Canisius College)


Payton Cormier (University of Virginia)



Kaiti Van Kessel (Gannon University)

Melissa Garland (LaSalle College)

Quintin Hoch-Bullen (Denver University)

Sage Darling (Ohio State University)

Annie Lloyd (Bryant University)

Abbi England (Bryant University)

Alana Jeronimo (Lindenwood University)

Brittany Stephens (University of Findlay)

Kendra Harold (Utica College)

Madi Bately (Tiffin University)

Notable uncommitted players to look out for:

EDGE 2017: 

Jake Boudreau (Midfielder)


Jordan Gillis (Midfielder)


Austin Tracogna (Attack)


Charlie Dunn (Close D)


Dylan Tulett (Midfielder)


EDGE 2018:

Tyler Eames (Attack/Mid)


Ryan Barnable (Midfield)


David Cormack (Midfield)


Nathan Braniff (Attack)


Liam Limoges (Attack)


Brenden Lundy (Attack)


Matthew Anderson (Midfield)


Owen Cook-Down (Goalie)


James Houston (Close D)


Alec Meehan (LSM)


Blake Lothian (Midfield)


Taylor Welsh (Goalie)


Colton Gaunt (LSM)


Mason Kamminga (LSM)


Anything else you would like people to know about your program?

EDGE Lacrosse is Canada’s premier lacrosse development and recruiting program. Over 260 male and female recruits since 2006. We develop, teach and mentor Ontario student athletes to help them achieve their goals of NCAA academic and athletic success.

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