Adrenaline Invitational (PA) Team Spotlight: LB3 ATL

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Adrenaline is excited to host LB3 ATL at the Adrenaline Invitational Session 1 in Pennsylvania this November! LB3 ATL is among the most elite club programs in the country and will contribute to the highest level of play this team recruiting event has to offer. Check out this interview to find out what they are all about!

Club Program: LB3 ATL

Divisions/Age Groups:

2017 Elite, 2018 Elite, 2019 Elite

Director/ Coaches:

Liam Banks, Scott Ratliff, John Zulberti


Social Media Handles: 

Twitter: LB3ATL // Facebook: LB3 Lacrosse Club // Instagram: LB3ATL


Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?

Program is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  LB3 also has locations in Philadelphia, PA Tampa, FL and St. Louis, MO


How long has your program been around?

10 Years


What are your team values/ goals?

Our main goal is to develop lacrosse players.  We like to challenge our players to play as fast as they can.  We stress fundamental stick skills, Lacrosse IQ and Heart.  We have an excellent staff that has been a major factor in the growth of lacrosse in the Southeast.  We want all players to develop a lifelong love of the game of lacrosse and have the opportunities that our Staff has had to play at the Highest level of lacrosse.


What is your team motto? 

HEAD HEART HUSTLE this came from Liam Banks’ experience playing at Syracuse University.  You play with your Head, Play with your Heart and hustle and good things will happen.  Other motto would be HIT THE WALL.


Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level? 

Last year LB3 placed 38 Players at the DI, DII or DIII Level.  Notable DI players include:

Nate Solomon- Syracuse

Tyler Wilks- Providence

McKay Sheehan- Fairfield

Cal Swanson- St. Johns

Preston Tippett- Air Force

Zach Levy- Army

Hank Morgan- Mercer

Lucas Wittenberg- Mercer

Jake Adams- Jacksonville

Will Beecham- Mercer

Any current committed players? Please include their full name, grad year, and where they are headed.


Jeff Durden- Navy

Brad Hodoval- Mercer

Jack Ryan- Mercer

Sean Smart- Mercer

Reed Bagwell- Jacksonville

Shawn Finnerty- Mercer

Matt Chase- Rutgers

Trevor Stuart- Furman

Daniel Tesler- Cleveland State

Tate Gallagher- Richmond


Mick Upchurch- Princeton

George Baughan- Princeton

Trent Thomas- Bellarmine

Chase Chapman- Jacksonville


Nicky Solomon- University of North Carolina

Neal Brown- John Hopkins