Adrenaline Invitational (PA) Team Spotlight: ADVNC

Team Spotlights


Adrenaline is proud to host fellow California-based program, ADVNC, at the first Fall #AdrlnInvitational in PA. ADVNC continually brings elite teams to events across the country and is an absolute force to be wreckened with. We are excited to have their talented players showcase their skills in front of top college coaches, and expose the grow of the game out west to the traditional hotbed competition.


Club Program:

ADVNC Lacrosse


Divisions/Age Groups:

U9 – High School


Director/ Coaches:

Chris Rotelli: Tewarraton Award Winner, 3X All American, 4X Mll All Star

Drew Virk: Stanford Head Coach, University of Maryland

Other former Division I and professional lacrosse coaches




Social Media Handles (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook):

Instagram: @advnc_lacrosse // Twitter: @ADVNCLacrosse // Facebook: @ADVNCLacrosse


Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?

Northern California. Primarily,  San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe


How long has your program been around?



What are your team values/ goals?

To maximize player potential, enjoyment of the game, and help players find a place to play lacrosse in college. 


Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level?

Mikie Schlosser- University of Michigan

Sean Mayle- University of Denver

Jack McCormick- Dartmouth College

Joe Lang- Harvard University

Peter Taglieferi- Georgetown University

Joe Reid- University of Denver

Sam Tomie- Drexel University

Pat Tracy- University of Michigan

Liam Bourke- University of Michigan

Cyrus Scott- Colgate University


Any current committed players? Please include their full name, grad year, and where they are headed.


Joe Tabor- Loyola University

Jared Baer- Stevenson University

Justin Bear- Stevenson University

Mason Brady- Colby College 

Tommy Francescini- Bellermine University

John Hammond- OWU

Jackson Thuma- Denison University


Rowan Hart- College of the Holy Cross



Parker Underwood- Marquette University

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