ACC Lacrosse Coaches and Adrenaline Lacrosse Announce A 2017 Western Edition Of The Game-Changing ACPG Event



Atlantic Coast Prospect Games

The Official Event of the ACC Coaches


San Diego, CA: The ACC Lacrosse Coaches and Adrenaline Lacrosse are proud to announce we are hosting a new lacrosse event for 2017 – a western edition of the wildly successful Atlantic Coast Prospect Games (ACPG). The ACPG West event joins the ACPG East in the series, providing limitless opportunity for talented high school lacrosse players to receive education, training, and instruction under the direct tutelage of all members of the ACC lacrosse coaching staffs. The events involve top western players intensively and personally coached by a head coach and two assistant coaches from each ACC program over the course of three days. The 2017 ACPG West event will take place Sunday, July 30, 2017 – Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in the beautiful Tri Valley Wine Country of Northern California. Additional registration and participation details are available at

“It is an honor to partner with the ACC coaches and their amazing staffs. Collectively as partners, we were determined to break the mold of the “roll the ball out” event model which removes college coaches from active involvement with the young athletes. Collegiate coaches are not only the top instructional minds in the game, but are also the shapers of the moral compass of our sport. The goal of this partnership is to have these guys firmly in place as the stewards of our sport, passing education and lessons to the athletes and impacting the future in our lacrosse communities in a meaningful way.” – Alex Cade, Adrenaline CEO.

The partnership between Adrenaline and the ACC coaching staffs from Notre Dame, Syracuse, Virginia, North Carolina, and Duke to create the first conference-centric prospect event series, the Atlantic Coast Prospects Games (ACPG), has already had a powerful impact on the landscape of lacrosse. The 3-day events are filled with a myriad of multi-dimensional educational opportunities including: on-field NCAA level clinics, film analysis, positional work, seminars, team scrimmages, and classroom sessions – all led personally by the ACC head coaches and their amazing staff members. Throughout the events, players and their families will experience firsthand what it is like to be coached by the full staff from each ACC lacrosse program.

“Have you ever attended a camp or clinic and wondered afterward about the strength of the leadership and the quality of the coaching? Or have you competed at an event assuming certain universities would be in attendance, only to learn later they were not? The Atlantic Coast Prospect Games takes the guesswork out of all of this. The ACC staffs are here,” said UVA’s Head Lacrosse Coach Lars Tiffany.

The boutique nature of the events affords every ACC coach to work directly with each player, educating them in a personal and meaningful way. The camaraderie that develops and the valuable one-on-one mentorship interactions will prove to be just as valuable to these young athletes as the X’s and O’s.

Participants also receive an assortment of unreleased, customized Adrenaline gear and performance nutrition and hydration from Gatorade.

Information about the ACPG East event from Friday, October 27, 2017 – Sunday, October 29, 2017 in sunny South Florida is available at


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