2015 Adrenaline Showcase and Shootout Returns to Colorado Springs



July 6th, 2015

Next week marks the return of two of Adrenaline’s most longstanding and successful events as the high school boys Showcase and Shootout come back to beautiful Colorado Springs on July 9th-12th. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the shootout and the second year that both events will be held in Colorado following their transplant from Sonoma State last year. The middle school and youth Shootout will also take place at the same venue on July 17th-19th. Both Shootouts and the Showcase have established themselves as elite events of the summer and top recruitment events at the high school level. The efficiency of recruiting speaks for itself as the Showcase on its own boasts a collegiate placement rate of 84% of players who’ve attended in past years. Both the showcase and shootout will host 80+ recruiters across all levels. Some of this years recruiters include Loyola, Navy, UNC, and Georgetown among many others. The layout for the weekend will follow its usual schedule as the Showcase takes place on Thursday with the Shootout following from Friday through Sunday.

The boys Showcase features some of the most elite level high school players in the country partaking in one of the most selective recruiting events. The Showcase exhibits the top 5% of players from their respective regions in an atmosphere more focused on the individual. The boys will be placed on teams and then compete in games all day while also attending clinics and seminars put on by attending recruiters. In the past, this event has seen a tremendous amount of success in assisting young players go on to compete at the college level. Being that the Showcase is paired with the Shootout, it allows players attending to prove their skills on both an individual and team level. Both events will also host members of the Adrenaline Evaluation Team who will be watching and advocating for promising players from the sidelines. Along with this, all players will enjoy the full Adrenaline treatment of apparel. There will also be on-site vending from lacrosse.com catering to all lacrosse needs and offering event apparel.

Immediately following the Showcase, the boys high school Shootout will begin on Friday morning with 50 elite and high school level teams duking it out in front of college recruiters over the course of three days. This recruiting tournament has been running for years and truly encompasses all the best aspects of Adrenaline’s team events. It features a minimum of seven games played for every team along with several clinics and chalk-talks by the event’s NCAA coaching staff. The teams are divided into brackets on the elite and high school levels with each bracket competing for a championship. Later in the weekend, players will also have a chance to play in the all-star game, which is comprised of the top players at the tournament who are nominated by their coaches. Traditionally, the all-star game has been a highlight of the event for players, coaches and recruiters alike. Sponsoring the event are Gatorade, 33 Plays, KT Tape, and Adrenaline with lacrosse.com also attending as the on-site vendor!

This year’s Shootout looks to be as exciting and closely contested as ever with returning teams and newcomers both vying for titles. At the elite level, last years champ in both brackets; Denver Elite, will try to stay on top but faces some heavy contenders. RC Elite Silver is coming off of a fresh title at the San Diego Summer Tournament and the runner-up Laxdawgs Brown team will likely make some noise as well. Along with them, a traditionally strong Advnc program will be sending a few teams to this year’s event and teams from the OC Kings and Alpha programs are looking good as well. There is certainly no shortage of geographic diversity either as the Shootout will host teams like Minnesota Chill, Vegas Starz, Utah Blackhawks, and dozens more coming from areas like the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Oregon. The high school division will host teams from many of the same programs and the returning champ Mustangs team is a favorite heading in. They will certainly be tested though, and must face other solid competition from teams like FCA Colorado, Seattle Starz, and several others.

The boys Showcase and Shootout wrap up on Sunday, but the absence of lacrosse in Colorado Springs will be short-lived as the middle school and youth Shootout begins the following weekend. The youth/middle school tournament is also in its tenth year and carries a strong background of success as well. Though not a recruiting event, the tourney follows a very similar schedule as the high school Shootout and the boys will be able to enjoy a full weekend of both games, clinics and other fun activities on the side. The 50 teams of youth and middle school players will battle in different brackets for a chance at a crown and also to compete in the tournament’s all-star game. Some attending teams include Rhino Orangemen, Frontier Starz, Chaos, and Cherry Creek Select.

As another addition to this year’s Colorado Springs event, both Shootouts will be a part of the Rocky Mountain State Games, which is Colorado’s biggest sport festival. Athletes of all ages compete in up to 40 different sports for the chance to play in the 2017 State Games of America. This is just another exciting add-on for some of Adrenaline’s most highly anticipated events of the year. We are looking forward to another great showing in Colorado Springs starting next weekend!