2013 Adrenaline Showcase: Summer Recruiting



Next in line on the Adrenaline Recruiting circuit is the Adrenaline Boys Showcase in Sonoma, CA on July 11th-12th. Similar to the recent Black Card tournament, the Boys Showcase is a highly selective individual summer recruiting event featuring only the top 168 players in the West. This Showcase is a vital stop in the recruiting process for many western players, as the College Placement Success Rate for the Showcase reached 88 % in the past year. With the increasing talent in the West, trimming the invite list to ensure quality recruiting was not an easy task.

The Showcase will host ten teams of 16-17 players with 2014, 2015, and 2016 graduation years. Players will represent ten different states; AZ, CA, CO, IN, MN, NV, OR, TX, UT, and WA, as well as two Canadian provinces; Alberta and British Columbia. All teams will participate in two days worth of games and skill specific clinics directed by head coach Gerry Byrne of Notre Dame University. Find a full schedule with game and clinic times here.  Additional NCAA coaches will assist in positional clinics, allowing players to gain valuable knowledge from some of the best in the sport, while simultaneously getting a rare, intimate opportunity to impress recruiters. Maryland, UNC, Salisbury, University of Denver, Tufts, and Navy are among the list of recruiters attending the Showcase. “We are really excited for this year’s Showcase talent,” say Jono Zissi, Recruiting Director for Adrenaline. “Coming off the heels of a very successful showing by west coast players at the NSCLA tournament, the college recruiters are excited to get another look at the best western lacrosse players in the country at the Showcase.” Some notable prospects attending the upcoming event are: 2014s-Andrew Tien (Attack), Connor Lansdale (Defense); 2015s- Garrett Bullet (LSM), Connor Shulte (Defense), Ben Paris (Defense), John Duffy (Midfield); 2016s- Christian Ford (Midfield), Preseton Faecher (Attack), Ryan Klose (Attack), and Scott Barger (LSM). Full rosters for the Showcase teams are posted here.

Compliments of the Adrenaline design team, these primetime players will receive a custom gear pack that underwent the famed Adrenaline Treatment process including one-of-a-kind diamond patterned uniform. Black and white jerseys with the signature Adrenaline green will accompany matching shorts and color coordinated Adrenaline performance socks. Players will also receive a custom Adrenaline lifestyle tank top, a custom Adrenaline Showcase hat, and a matching pair of Knockaround shades. STXwent one step further to provide each player with a shaft of varying types, including Alliance 85, Stallion Sc- TI, and Surgeons Sc- TI, with Outlet and Scandium Pro shafts for goalies to complete the look. Other proud sponsors of the Adrenaline Showcase include Gatorade, SKLZ, and Athlete’s Performance, andAdrenaline Apparel. Gatorade will be on site providing their top of the line G-Series products to ensure players are properly fueled to perform at their highest level.

These primetime players will receive maximum exposure to college recruiters, as the Showcase will act as a precursor to the long established Elite Shootout, the first of three tournaments in the Sonoma series. Showcase players will reunite with their high school and club programs to play in a more familiar team atmosphere. After watching the best players in the West compete against one another in a small environment, recruiters extend their stay to get a handle on how those players operate in a more comfortable team setting.  “The Adrenaline Showcase is an incredibly important program for us and our players.  It has historically been proven as a real difference maker for western kids looking to play at the next level.  We recorded a large statistical boost in western NCAA players coming from this event.  The CPSR continues to rise annually with the 2012 class at nearly 90%.  This program is steadfast at helping us achieve our mission of serving the best interests of the core Adrenaline player,” says Alex Cade, President of Adrenaline Lacrosse.

With roots in lacrosse, Adrenaline is one of the most unique companies in all of sports due to its multi-faceted and truly authentic nature. Adrenaline fosters the lacrosse lifestyle through nationally distributed cutting edge apparel, charity Awareness initiatives, LXM PRO professional tour, training programs,recruiting events, Starz Clubs, tournaments, camps and leagues.  Training programs, designed by professionals—Trylax, Skills, LXM Positional, Adrenafit, and K18 Impact—are based on the Adrenaline Cyclical Developmental model, which allows players to progress in an organized manner through a powerful lacrosse system.  Adrenaline’s robust Recruiting system boasts the top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR) and owns the top national recruitment event the Black Card. Adrenaline Starz is the largest Club network in the sport including the top ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz Teams. Corporately, Adrenaline dedicates much of its efforts towards enacting a positive social change by utilizing the power of sports under the Adrenaline Movement. This movement includes our Awareness Initiative, which calls on the lacrosse community to rise above the “lax bro” stigma, lead by example, and partake in positive social movements and charities. Tired of the average and mundane? Adrenaline is the antidote.