Platinum Cup Team Spotlight: Predators Lacrosse

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Adrenaline is excited to return to the East Coast and kick off the 2017 summer event season with our famed Black Card/ Platinum Cup weekend. This event historically sees over 120 NCAA college coaches in attendance, and the line up of elite club programs on field should have them flocking once again. Among the teams competing in this year’s Platinum tournament is Predators Lacrosse out of New York. Learn more:

Club Program:

Predators Lacrosse

Divisions/Age Groups:

4th grade – 11th grade

Director/ Coaches: 

Mike McCall – University of North Carolina

Tom Interlicchio – Hofstra University

Ryan Penner – Marist College

Paul Santavicca – Marist College

JJ Lian – University of Pennsylvania

Gary Raniolo – Fairfield University

Mike Solazzo – University of Albany


Social Media Handles (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook):

Instagram:  @PredatorsLacrosse

Twitter:  @PredsLacrosse

Facebook:  Predators Lacrosse

Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?

Westchester County, NY.  We also pull players from Rockland County, NY and Fairfield County, CT.

How long has your program been around? How has it grown?

2010.  We started off with one age group with combined grades (2014/2015) pulling from 2-3 towns.  After a successful season, we added an additional team and slowly grew thereafter.  We believed that in order to grow into a quality program, you’re only as good as your coaches so we were selective about who brought onto our staff and are still that way today.

What are your team values/ goals?

Team first.  Selfish play isn’t tolerated.  If our team is successful at tournaments, everyone will benefit through more exposure into the playoffs and championship rounds. 

What is your team motto?

No one works harder than us.  We have to play harder than our opponents.  At times, it’s the only thing you can control in a tight game.  We’re a bunch of grinders! 

What is your favorite Adrenaline tournament and why?

I have to say we’re pretty excited about attending the Platinum Cup. The reputation that it’s built over the years as being one of the most elite tournaments in the country makes it an exciting event to be a part of.

What is your favorite club memory and why?

Winning the NXT Summer Invitational Championship in 2015 with our 2017 team in OT.  It was our first win as a program at the event and we went bonkers!  The kids played as hard as any team I’ve ever coached.

Any current committed players?


Ara Atayan– University of North Carolina

Davis Allen– University of Notre Dame

Thomas Chai– University of Pennsylvania

Brendan Forst – Harvard University

Will Cabrera– Yale University

James Swartz– Harvard University

Matt McLaughlin– University of North Carolina

Will Hynson– High Point University

Issac Newland– High Point University

Ryan Kirpatrick– Denison University


Dan Johnston– Marist College

James Corasiniti– Fairfield University

Tyler Minetti– Siena College

Any notable Alum at the next level?

 Chris Santangelo –University of Pennsylvania

Laz Chavez – Syracuse University

Henry Grass – Syracuse University

Drew Abate – Georgetown University

Will Randell – Dartmouth College

Ethan Frieder – Brown University

Will Duncan – Providence

Sam Welch – Cornell University

James Firpo – Tufts University

Declan Borcich – Tufts University