Peter Baum Signs With Adrenaline & LXM PRO



2012 Tewaaraton winner, and two-time All-American, Peter Baum, has elected to be an Adrenaline Professional Athlete and compete on the LXM PRO Tour.  Baum, a native of Portland, Oregon, is the latest of a group of top young players who have chosen to showcase their talents on the LXM PRO tour.  LXM PRO and Adrenaline officially merged last year to provide a unique, mission-based, professional lacrosse experience marked by an interactive environment featuring unique access for teams and fans to some of the best players in the world. This approach allows professional players to have a personal connection to the core of our sport and a direct hand in its development. Baum says, “I have a great deal of respect and am certainly appreciative of the Ohio Machine for selecting me first in the draft and wish them the best of luck in their season.  My decision to join Adrenaline and LXM PRO has everything to do with my desire to help usher in the new generation of conscientious lacrosse athletes in the areas that I have a personal connection with.  I am excited to play at this high level with so many great players and am equally thrilled to be a part of the mission of Adrenaline and LXM PRO.”

The pride of the West, Baum grew up within the Adrenaline family.  As a high school athlete he quickly garnered the attention of NCAA coaches by competing in top-level Adrenaline recruitment programs.  Baum was also a star member of Adrenaline’s West Coast Starz program where he would eventually return to coach.  Baum is an integral member of the legendary Adrenaline Tropics Club (which is considered by many to be one of the top post high school club programs in the nation).

Peter’s 2012 Tewaaraton winning season, while attending Colgate University, is one of the best statistical years of any player in the history of the game.  He was the NCAA leader with 5.39 points per game while also leading with 3.72 goals per game.  His 67 goals in the 2012 season ranks 6th all time.  “Peter has been a part of the Adrenaline family for many years.  While we have all been extremely proud of his playing accomplishments, everyone knows that our company has a larger mission than just what happens on the field. To us, this is why Peter was a perfect fit.  As a true ambassador of the new era of lacrosse he has proven through coaching, mentoring, and serving as a role model, that he truly believes in what we are doing at Adrenaline and LXM PRO.  The Adrenaline Movement needs guys like him and we are proud that he has joined us as we help foster the growth of another generation of talented, mindful, and socially conscious athletes”, states Alex Cade, President Adrenaline Lacrosse.  In addition to being a signed professional athlete for Adrenaline, Baum will also have a full time position with the talented marketing team that Adrenaline has assembled.

Baum will join an impressive list of top players who are competing in LXM PRO.  Among them are Kyle Harrison (3 time All-American, Tewaaraton winner, Team USA), Sam Bradman (4 time All-American, 2012 Player of The Year, Team USA), Billy Bitter (3 time All-American, ACC Player of The Year), Matt Russell (3 time All-American, Goaltender of the Year), Graham Gill (3 time All-American), John Christmas (2 time All-American),  and a full complement of other former collegiate All-Americans dedicated to delivering an impactful and unique lacrosse experience to teams and fans alike.

Peter will make his professional debut as a member of Team STX, on June 8th in Orange County, California.  Team STX will face Team Maverik United to kick off the 2013 LXM PRO Tour.  The LXM PRO game Presented by Champion will be held in concert with the annual Adrenaline All-American Game at Orange Coast College.  “It is especially meaningful to start my career with Adrenaline and LXM PRO at this event that provides a venue for the top western players to receive the highest level of recognition.  It was an awesome experience being a guest coach for players at the first Adrenaline All American game.  It meant a lot to me and I am excited to get back onto the field with the rest of the LXM PRO’s and Adrenaline All Americans” states Baum.

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