New NLL Team in San Diego, Adrenaline’s Hometown!!

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Adrenaline was thrilled to see Tuesday’s big announcement about a professional lacrosse team coming to San Diego. We will work closely with San Diego NLL to grow the game and enhance your experience with Adrenaline. This announcement is truly monumental for the sport, and for our great city. Please join us in welcoming the National Lacrosse League.

“The leadership group that is running this new NLL team is tremendous and deeply engrained within the lacrosse world.  We are extremely excited to welcome them to our hometown and we are thrilled to do our part to be sure everyone in the local lacrosse community is rallying around the team,” says Alex Cade, CEO of Adrenaline.  “We have some exciting times ahead with some awesome potential future initiatives that have Adrenaline and the new team working hand in hand to empower the San Diego lacrosse community.”

As an Adrenaline player, you’ll be able to take advantage of an incredible deal to save 50% on select season ticket memberships. The best way to champion the sport is to be an ambassador for it, and to support the team itself with membership.

“We appreciate the support of Alex and his staff, and look forward to working closely with Adrenaline to further grow the game of lacrosse in San Diego,” says team president Steve Govett.

Let’s create a legacy!

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