Western States Lacrosse Championship


Adrenaline is proud to partner with Inside Lacrosse on this groundbreaking Western event.  Utilizing Inside Lacrosse’s western rankings the Top 32 boys & Top 32 girls teams West of the Mississippi will compete over the course of a weekend for the official western title.  No more anecdotes about who is the best in the West, this event will prove it once and for all.  Inside Lacrosse will be providing intensive media coverage live from the event as the top Western high school level teams compete for western bragging rights in front of invited NCAA coaches.  With full length games and operations run by the top event provider in the sport this experience will advance the Adrenaline mission of shining the spotlight brightly on western lacrosse.  Championship games will be broadcast live via major media outlets with a full production crew.  Please note that in states or regions where out of season play is not permitted, teams will be attending as club programs.

INSIDE LACROSSE WSLC Region Boys Rankings 

INSIDE LACROSSE WSLC Region Girls Rankings



February 2021 event will be filled by top 2019 spring teams
Teams invites based on Inside Lacrosse’s final 2019 spring season rankings
Teams will be re-ranked for the championships based on the 2020 final season rankings
If teams bow out the next ranked team will be invited aka #33 etc.
Teams will attend as High Schools where permitted and as clubs where not permitted according to state rules

**Please note that in states or regions where out of season play is not permitted, teams will be attending as club programs. 



  • Top 32 Boys & Girls Western Teams
  • Two sided 16 team brackets where boys & girls feed into one championship per gender
  • Tons of media spotlights and attention on the Western game
  • Top rated facility with professional championship stadium
  • Five game guarantee, final four and championships are full length games
  • Top NCAA coaches expected to attend
  • Championship games broadcast live with full production crew
  • Vendor village


Need help?

If you have any questions or difficulty registering, please contact events@adrln.com.

Event Details

February 13-15, 2021 (Saturday-Monday)
Kino Sports Complex
2500 E Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ 85713

* BOYS HS Teams = $3000
* GIRLS HS Teams= $3000

* This event is for Boys & Girls
* All players MUST register to participate
* All players MUST be members of US Lacrosse
* Divisions are based on “grade completed” by Summer 2019
* The division that a team plays in is dictated by the oldest player on that team
* This event is open to any and all, limited only by age and number



As the high school season gets going, Inside Lacrosse couldn’t be more excited to unveil our new high school team ratings formula.

While the calculations are not done the exact same way, the basic concept of the ratings will be familiar to anyone who visited LaxPower.com. The highest-rated team in the country will have its rating set at 99.9, and then all the other ratings will be relative to that team with one point of difference in ratings equivalent to a predicted one-goal difference in a game played at a neutral site.

Similar to LaxPower ratings, there will be a 10-goal difference limit for each game and home field advantage will be a factor with a value determined by the calculations.

To get a bit more technical, calculations are done by taking an ordinary least squares (OLS) regression on a system of equations where each game is an equation and team ratings are the variables. The difference in team ratings plus the value of home field advantage is set equal to the actual difference in the score for the game. The regression calculations solve for the team ratings, which minimize the difference between the actual and predicted goal differential for each game.

However, there are some differences where our ratings calculations will deviate from the LaxPower ratings. Most significantly, it calculates every team’s score — nation-wide — at once, collectively, as opposed to relying on a combination of in region and out of region calculations. The result is that the differences in ratings between top teams will be greater and, I believe, more accurately reflect the differences between the best teams in the country.

With more computing power available than ever via the cloud, there is no need to break up the calculation, and it can be done all in one, more like the way the LaxPower college ratings were computed.

Similarly, it also uses a single home field advantage value for the entire country. Perhaps it is the case that home field advantage varies depending on the region of the country, but I don’t believe that there is any good reason to assume teams of high school players react significantly differently to playing at home vs on the road in different areas.

Just like the LaxPower ratings, these ratings will take a few games to achieve a reasonable degree of accuracy. Early in the season, they will suffer from two problems: a lack of any comparison data between groups of teams that have no games linking them, and overfitting based on very few games — or data points — linking teams.

If a group of teams in one state have all played each other and a group of teams in another state have all played each other, but no teams have played any games outside that group, then there are no data points by which to compare those two groups of teams. Our formula handles those situations by making the assumption that the average rating of all independent groups of teams is the same. Obviously this is not the case, but without any game scores with which to compare the groups of teams, this assumption serves to both come as close as possible and to ensure that the tendency of mistakes is to push ratings toward the national average.

In cases where teams have only played one or two games or there are two groups of teams with only one or two game scores linking them, the ratings calculation will potentially overfit and rely too heavily on very little information. This can cause ratings to shift more dramatically early in the season if the ratings were previously relying heavily on very few games to calculate ratings for certain teams and they happened to play some of their best or worst games of the year in those few games. Unlike, for example, Elo ratings systems, which require many games for team ratings to move either up or down, regression-based ratings, like ours, can result in a team being rated as the best or worst in the country or state based on just one game.

That means we are relying on all of you to help us make sure that our database of game scores and team schedules is as accurate and complete as possible. If you think your team is rated too low or another team is rated too high, make sure we are able to base that rating on as many games as possible.  



Thank you for your interest in the Adrenaline Western High School Championships. We are very excited to work with you on this event!

We have begun working closely with Road Rebel – contracting hotels that are as close to the venues, as comfortable, and as low-priced as possible.   Road Rebel has found a good mixture of lodging types to match everyone’s needs.  As you know, Adrenaline has a STAY-TO-PLAY policy.  We are constantly trying to improve our services for you, and also meet the expectations of our housing providers, cities and counties.   These relationships stay strong by utilizing their services, after negotiating low-prices and great amenities for you.  We have directed Road Rebel to track team usage of our lodging facilities.  Teams based within 75 miles of the event venue are exempt from STAY-TO-PLAY.  Any teams beyond that distance must adhere to the conditions – NO exceptions.  Contact Road Rebel at roadrebelsports@road-rebel.com for any assistance – they will assure you are greatly cared for – our promise to you.




  • CLOSEST AIRPORT l John Wayne Airport
  • Top 32 Boys & Girls Western Teams
  • Two sided 16 team brackets where boys & girls feed into one championship per gender
  • Tons of media spotlights and attention on the Western game
  • Top rated facility
  • Four full length games in tournament set up
  • Top NCAA coaches expected to attend
  • Championship games broadcast live with full production crew
  • Vendor village








Adrenaline Name & Shield


As a Coach/Director, I understand that:

  • All of my players must be registered/paid prior to stepping foot on the field.  Any player not registered/paid will not be permitted to play.
  • Eligibility requirements, at all levels of the game, must be followed.  Rules and requirements such as age, previous level of participation, and team transfers, have been established to encourage and maximize participation, fair play and to promote safety.  Adrenaline Tournament Rules can be found on each event page.
  • I should always demonstrate positive behavior and reinforce these traits to players, parents, officials and spectators.  Players should be encouraged by coaches to demonstrate positive behavior and respect for teammates, opponents, officials and spectators.
  • Spectators will be informed that positive behavior is required at all events and they should not get involved in any on field disputes.
  • My first priority is the health and safety of the players assigned to my team.
  • Grievances or misunderstandings between coaches, officials or any other parties involved with the sport should be communicated through the proper channels, never on the field of play or in view of spectators or participants.  All field tents have the ability to communicate with the Tournament Director or Main Information Tent.
  • The use of profanity or vulgar language is unacceptable.
  • The value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of fair play, and the skills of the game should always be placed above winning.



  • Adrenaline has a strict “no refunds” policy for all events and clubs.  We will provide a 100% credit to any team or player that has registered and paid for an event that is cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • To protect your registration fee’s in the event you suffer an injury either on the field or off, illness or cancellation due to inclement weather, we encourage you to purchase the new AIG insurance policy called “Registration Saver.”
  • The policy covers your registration fee investment for a camp/tournament or a club season.  If you have already registered, you can still get coverage.  Camp/tournament coverage MUST be purchased at least 14 days in advance of the start date.  Club season coverage can be purchased at any time.
  • If something should happen to your player after the season/tournament start date, the policy will refund your fees pro-rata, based on the duration of the season/tournament or when the player has to stop participating.
  • The premium cost is 6% of camp/tournament fees or 7% of club season fees and will give you relief from Adrenaline’s strict No Refunds policy.
  • To review the coverage and complete the simple application, go to www.registrationsaver.com.  Click on “Apply Now” and select the “Season”/”Camp-Tournament” policy to sign up.
  • AIG can be reached at 866-690-6859 and is available 24/7.


The safety of our players, coaches, referees, fans and staff comes first.  In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, Adrenaline reserves the right to:

  • Cancel games partially or entirely
  • Reduce game times, eliminate halftime or shorten time between games
  • Finish games before inclement weather arrives
  • Reschedule and/or relocate games
  • Convert a tournament to a “festival” format without a playoffs or championship

If there is a lightning strike within 6 miles of the facility, play will be suspended immediately and will not resume until 30 minutes after the last lighting strike within 6 miles of the facility.  If a game stoppage occurs in the second half of a game, that game will be considered final and the score at that time will be recorded as final.  If a game stoppage occurs in the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half.

We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game but our ability to do this is dependent on field availability and lighting.   We will post schedule delays, changes and cancellations on Tourney Machine and on the event web page.  Additionally we will email all registered club directors, coaches and players via LeagueApps.  Weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams MUST be prepared to play as soon as the weather clears and fields are playable or risk forfeiting a game.

Facility management often has the final say on weather and field condition delays and cancellations.


  • Players interested in participating in an event but are not on a team MUST register as a Free Agent on our website.
  • If a Free Agent Fee applies, the Free Agent must pay the fee.  If they are not placed a full refund will be granted.
  • Once a player registers as a Free Agent, contact information will be sent to all attending coaches/directors.
  • If a team needs an additional player, they will contact the Free Agent directly.
  • If the player fee is set to $0, Coaches/Directors may set their own Free Agent price.


If there is Financial Aid available, it will be distributed appropriately based on:

  1. Verified Family Income – The eligibility threshold is combined parental Adjusted Gross of $60,000 (line 37 on federal tax return form 1040).  Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.  A signed copy of the most recent Federal Tax Return must be emailed to info@adrln.com.
  2. Amount  Awarded – The Financial Aid Committee shall determine the amount of the financial aid available for a season/event; however, there is no obligation to award any/all of the award pool.  Based on the amount of the award pool and the amount of financial aid requests, awards will be made on a sliding scale based on verified family income.  The maximum amount of an award shall not exceed the total fee for the program/event.
  3. Applications – Financial Aid applications must be submitted 2 months prior to the first day of practice/event and will be reviewed, determined and communicated one month prior to practice.
  4. Recruiting Events – Due to NCAA rules, no Financial Aid will be granted for recruiting events.

Questions regarding any of these policies should be directed to info@adrln.com.

Team Gear

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