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The Fall/Winter Season events season is back! Returning to one of the most beautiful venues in the whole country; The Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club will host 140 Boys & Girls Teams from over 6 states. 

The weekend will include 5 games guaranteed with a championship format that teams will use to battle for their chance to top the Adrenaline Power Rankings. With the addition of the Western Cup & Adrenaline Power Rankings, our events provide a platform for these players and coaches to showcase and be rewarded for their hard work/dedication by competing literally and figuratively against every program in the West.

Tune in and Follow us all weekend long for behind the scenes looks and event updates! 

Use the hashtag #SBShowdown22 and share your experience with us for a chance to be featured!

Looking to make the most out of your tournament experience this fall/winter? Join ADRLN in top destination locations such as Delaware Beaches, San Diego, Vegas, and Orange County!


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