ADRLN High Rollers Heads to Texas



June 24th, 2015

The storied Adrenaline High Rollers showcase is making its way to Southlake, Texas this Thursday and Friday where some of the top high school and middle school players in the state will compete in front of college recruiters. This weekend marks the first time that Adrenaline will be hosting a primetime recruiting event in Texas, serving as an important checkpoint for the growth of the game in that region. In the past, High Rollers was held exclusively in Southern California, forcing many players to travel a considerable distance; however, this summer offers several boutique-style events like Texas and Northwest that will cater to more specific regions without sacrificing talent or exposure. Naturally, as these events start to gain traction and grow, more players and more recruiters will come flocking. Among the list of this summer’s attending recruiters are Duke, Rutgers, Fairfield, Richmond, University of Delaware, and more.


The event will kick off Thursday morning with specific skill clinics and situational drills held by coaches from the likes of Bryant, Richmond and several others. Following the clinics, actual game play will begin as six different teams will take the field for round-robin style match-ups. After the first round of games conclude, the players and parents will finish out the day at a recruiting seminar held by the attending NCAA coaches. The seminar will feature speakers from each division to ensure key points are covered, such as different rules across divisions, and end with a Q&A.

On Friday the event will follow a similar format as Day One with players attending morning round of coach-led clinics and drills. The players will then reunite with their respective teams and compete in a few more games before the day’s end. A second coaches seminar will cap off the event, focusing on players coming from non-traditional hotbeds (this of course is a hot topic with Denver winning the first NCAA DI Championship from the West!).

Each primetime player will receive the Adrenaline treatment, wearing custom High Rollers uniforms and socks that correspond to their graduation year. will also be on site selling apparel and gear, including High Rollers showcase tees. The inaugural High Rollers Texas event ensures an elite environment with top players and the opportunity to be recruited without the hassle of having to travel to the normal summer circuit regions of the Northeast and elsewhere. Adrenaline is very excited to bring this opportunity to Southlake with the hope of growing the event in the coming years.