Adrenaline Tropics: Summer Tour



The famed Adrenaline Tropics are back and looking to make an even bigger splash in the 2013 summer circuit. In the realm of western lacrosse, Adrenaline Tropics is the pinnacle of success for the Adrenaline system. Tropics is the #1 ranked Adrenaline sponsored club program and consists of two teams- Junior Tropics and Men’s Tropics. The top western collegiate commits are selected to play on the Junior Tropics, many of whom are former members of West Coast Starz, Adrenaline All-Americans, and have attended Adrenaline Recruiting events. The Men’s Tropics team is a mix of current collegiate players, as well as LXM players such as Hamilton Pollard, Peter Baum, Pierce Basset, and Geoff Worley.

As a part of the Adrenaline Marquee programs, Tropics ensures that Adrenaline’s top players who have been involved in the Adrenaline system receive the recognition and attention they deserve.  With the help of its sponsors the Tropics is an at cost program with a nominal price tag and a ridiculous gear selection.  Each Tropics player will receive a head-to-toe custom uniform, including a Cascade helmet,Maverik Rome gloves, and Adrenaline treated jerseys with matching shorts.  Players will also receive a custom lifestyle t-shirt from the Adrenaline movement, and socks to match the uniform.  They will also be equipped with one-of-a-kind Tropics Maverik shafts to enhance their level of play. Other proud sponsors of Tropics include Knockaround, SKLZ, and Athlete’s Performance.

Both Tropics teams will return to Vail and Lake Tahoe this summer. Junior Tropics will play in Vail and Lake Tahoe on June 30th – July 3rd and July 26th – 28th, respectively. The Men’s Tropics will attend the Vail Shootout immediately following Junior Tropics on July 4th – July 7th, and head to Lake Tahoe July 19th-21st. Last summer Junior and Men’s Tropics dominated their divisions and came away with championship titles. In early November, the Junior Tropics attended the Paradise Shootout in Naples, FL where they secured a 9-6 U-19 championship win over a top Baltimore match-up, the Roughriders.

Ending the 2012 season with a winning schedule, the Tropics teams have set high standards for the 2013 summer. Notable 2013 Tropics players who have made an impact in their first collegiate season include Mike Hernandez (Michigan), Dakota Rohlin (Jacksonville), Sean Doyle (Cornell), Eddie Glazener (Notre Dame), and Brock Ghelfi (Bucknell). Fortunately, this year’s Junior Tropics roster is set and stacked with impressive collegiate commits from seven different states (WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, CO, TX) and Canada. The youngest players on this year’s team are committed to University of North Carolina, Maryland, and Duke as rising juniors.

Tropics provides western players the opportunity to play with fellow top athletes in the off-season.  “Junior Tropics is a reward for kids who have come through our system and will play at the collegiate level the following year” says Jono Zissi, Adrenaline Recruiting Director and member of the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET) responsible for selecting the Tropics roster. “It gives them the opportunity to play with the fellow best players in the West against the best competition in the nation”. Although Junior Tropics players will go on to play at competing college programs over the next four years, playing together as a western powerhouse instills pride in the movement they have contributed to and allows them to make the statement that the West is here to stay. With six championships from the toughest tournaments in the country over the past three years and a lifetime record of 62-3, these guys know how to “Get Tropical” and bring the Adrenaline storm all over the nation.

Tropics players stand as role models to the youth players who hope to be in the same position as them some day.  To be a part of Tropics takes more than drive and dedication to what you can do between the two nets. In addition to developing talent on the field, this new era of lacrosse athletes has a wide spectrum of interests, is socially conscious, and is guided by a solid moral compass. Tropics players resemble philanthropists in their own right, positively contributing to the growth of the game that has given them so much.

With roots in lacrosse, Adrenaline is one of the most unique companies in all of sports due to its multi-faceted and truly authentic nature. Adrenaline fosters the lacrosse lifestyle through cutting edge apparel, charity Awareness initiatives, LXM PRO professional tour, training programs, recruiting events, Starz Clubs, tournaments, camps and leagues.  Training programs, designed by professionals—Trylax, Skills, LXM Positional, Adrenafit, and K18 Impact—are based on the Adrenaline Cyclical Developmental model, which allows players to progress in an organized manner through a powerful lacrosse system.  Adrenaline’s robust Recruiting system boasts the top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR) and owns the top national recruitment event the Black Card.  Adrenaline Starz is the largest Club network in the sport including the top ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz Teams.   Corporately, Adrenaline dedicates much of its efforts towards enacting a positive social change by utilizing the power of sports under the Adrenaline Movement.  This movement includes our Awareness Initiative, which calls on the lacrosse community to rise above the “lax bro” stigma, lead by example, and partake in positive social movements and charities.  Tired of the average and mundane? Adrenaline is the antidote. Visit our website at or contact us at