Adrenaline Connects With Kids Lacrosse The World In Malaysia

Lacrosse Apparel

connection: noun – a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else

In the sport of lacrosse, connection is abundant. Players have individual connections with their sticks, teams have group connections with their coach, and the sport itself can connect a whole community. When Rachel Frantz and Joe Pozniak connected at a lacrosse event this summer in SoCal, their interaction would open the door for students on the other side of the world.

Rachel coaches lacrosse, and works with Kids Lacrosse The World whose mission is to grow the love of lacrosse at an international grassroots level. Through community development initiatives, KLTW works to empower and educate students on and the field. Currently, their efforts are focused in Malaysia and Kenya. While Rachel explained her next trip to Malaysia, Joe knew this was a great opportunity to donate some extra apparel that would otherwise go unused in a lacrosse setting.

Upon Rachel’s arrival to Malaysia, and to her students, the new apparel was handed out during lacrosse practice. Frantz mentioned the students were “so stoked to have shirts that display a sport they love…I can’t express how much it means to these students to have a lacrosse community investing in them.” While learning about the sport, the students were able to wear lacrosse apparel that connected themselves within their community, and connected their community to the lacrosse world.

Check out photos from the trip to Malaysia below, and read more about Kids The Lacrosse The World here.