Adrenaline Announces Firethreads As Black Card Sponsor



Adrenaline is proud to announce its newest event sponsor based out of Lafayette, CA, Firethreads. Founded by Lorne Smith (Team USA U19 World Champion ’96, Princeton University ’99 3x NCAA Champion, 3x All-American, MLL- LA Riptide ’06-‘07, US Lacrosse Baltimore Hall Of Fame ‘13), Firethreads is a patent pending performance stringing product built for the experienced lacrosse player. Adrenaline recognizes the importance of high quality equipment when playing at the most elite level and will provide primetime players with cutting edge performance strings at our top individual recruiting event summer. The Adrenaline/Firethreads collaboration product will debut at the coveted Adrenaline Black Card event this June with over 100+ recruiters in attendance.

Firethreads was born after extensive research and testing of different threads to weave the base lace and cord material. It had to have the soft feel and minimal stretch of cotton, with the strength and all-weather playability of polyester.  After several sample rounds and rejections, a thread that fit the desired performance standards perfectly was discovered: soft cotton feel, does not absorb water, and has just the perfect amount of stretch.  Then, the special sauce, GripPrint™, was added, which puts FIRETHREADS in a class by itself.  Extra Hold.  Maximum Snap And Power.  Reduces The Greaser Effect. Easily Maintains Knot Tension. Firethreads products include shooter laces, shooter cords, sidewall, topstring and bottom lace.

Growing up in Baltimore, Smith’s preference was for traditional leather pockets due to the added control and feel. He used three old school thick nylon shooters and a doubled over crosslace for the top shooter to get that extra pop. Wheels started to turn on creating the actual product in Summer 2015 when he was planning giveaways for his LSL Camps. It all came from asking the simple question, what if? “What if the grippy draw string in my board shorts could be used as a shooting string? Would the grip do anything to effect performance?” To answer this question Lorne built prototypes and tested them at his camps. When the feedback from coaches came back with a resounding yes, it was obvious he had something good going and the idea should be further developed. Hello Firethreads.                                                                –

Firethread’s mission to fuel and inspire creative expression on and off the field perfectly aligns with Adrenaline mission to empower the unconventional athlete and responsibly define the future of sport because they too provide a product that allows players to perform at their highest potential. Firethreads is a west coast born concept that marries premium technical performance material with cutting edge, innovative features found in the GripPrint.


“We are excited to provide an avenue for Firethreads to further push their unique product into the market. We understand the importance of getting products into the right hands, and there’s no doubt Black Card has the player pool they are looking for,” says Rory Doucette, Adrenaline VP of Events & Clubs.

“I have known the guys at Adrenaline for over 15 years, before there was an Adrenaline.  It has been fun to watch them develop their business into one of the most recognizable brands in lacrosse,” says Smith. “Through our new partnership, this summer we will be able to get custom Adrenaline color Firethreads Shooter Laces into the sticks of some of the top players in the country. This will allow us to continue testing and gaining valuable feedback on how grip can change and increase the performance of a lacrosse stick.  We are always learning, and we expect to learn a lot more this summer.”


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