RC Blues is a Youth select club program built on the long standing legacy of RC Lacrosse.  RC Blues focuses on the Grade 4-8 levels, with the goal of developing young men capable of moving on to bigger challenges, whether that is the goal of playing Division 1 lacrosse, or simply becoming a more well rounded member of our community.

RC Blues is a San Diego County program that organizes grade level teams capable of competing at the highest level club tournaments in the West.  To provide consistency of coaching, the ability to learn at a more detailed level, and the ability to develop bonds with teammates, the RC Blues season is a 10 month program from October through July.  This allows us to enter tournaments from Fall through Summer, while allowing each player time to complete in their local Spring community season.

Our teams are single grade specific although we do often have some 3rd graders play with our 4th grade team.  We focus on developing players at specific positions, and building on the skills learned each year through the RC Blues’ curriculum and we attend elite level tournaments by grade with the goal of developing players capable of remaining together year to year.


  • Hails from the San Diego County area, while being cognizant of other program’s needs, and limitation of geography on practice participation.
  • Shows an aptitude for high-level lacrosse.
  • Is interested in receiving and responding to direct, advanced coaching and feedback.
  • Shows a love for the game.
  • Is interested in growing as a young man, not just winning.
  • Has parents who support the above.


  1. Build on player’s current skill levels while also gaining a deeper understanding of the game.
  2. Focus on leadership, responsibility and team building to bring awareness to the importance of team play for success on and off the field.
  3. Cultivate the passion and respect for the game.
  4. Focus on fair play and good sportsmanship.
  5. Ensure players don’t lose track of the rewards of hard work….we will have fun!


  • We play lacrosse the right way by focusing on discipline, sportsmanship, effort and fun.
  • We have a club-wide curriculum that is built upon at each age group to help players excel at the next level.
  • We learn about the game; its history, its players, and its culture.
  • We do our best to accommodate interests and schedules outside of lacrosse.
  • We do assign homework; practice drills, reading, and videos.
  • We are player focused with detailed coaching around developing skills and understanding of specific playing positions.
  • We will offer other non-lacrosse activities for team building (beach day, hiking, etc.)
  • We work to keep costs down as much as possible by focusing on growing the game.
  • We cultivate a culture of brotherhood, leadership, and enthusiasm.