Nick Hernandez

I grew up playing lacrosse in San Diego, and primarily within the Adrenaline Family. In high school, I played for JJ Miramontes at Grossmont and with Coach Meehan/Cade on Laxdawgs. After being selected an Adrenaline All-American, I headed out to the East Coast for my first season of collegiate lacrosse with Washington College. I ended up transferring to Whittier College, and would finish my playing career there. After college, I moved back home to San Diego and continued staying involved with lacrosse through coaching. I currently coach at Grossmont High School in the Spring, and also coach with the Laxdawgs during the off-season. When I’m not coaching or at work, you can find me in the water.

What is your favorite Adrenaline moment, and why?

One time at work I made, Internet-Tough-Guy, Nick Ossello flinch so hard that he had to question everything he had done in his life up until that moment. Kid hasn’t been the same since.

La Mesa, CA
Current City
San Diego
Apparel Operations
Washington College & Whittier College

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