Western Shootout Showcases The Best Of The West

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After a successful event week on the east coast, the Adrenaline Staff gears up for another jam-packed weekend in the mountains. Teams will take the field in Colorado on Saturday for the Western Shootout, with many players kicking the weekend off early at the Western Showcase. Players will compete at the highly coveted, prestigious Air Force Academy with an incredible 26-field complex with mountain backdrop views. 170 teams from 60 different clubs will travel in from 14 different states – CA, CO, WA, TX, UT, AR, OK, AZ, OR, MN, NV, WI, MO, NM – for a chance to claim ultimate Western bragging rights. Teams will play 5 guaranteed games over a two day period in a championship format.

While taking in the breathtaking Colorado mountains, keep your eyes peeled for some of the top programs competing for a division title. Check out our Adrenaline Power Rankings matchups for some must-see competition:

2022 Boys Division

#3 – LA Mavs vs NR – Team 91 Northside

2023 Boys Division

#1 – RC HS vs NR – Colorado Scorpions

#2 – AZ Outlaws vs NR – Team 91 Colorado

2024 Boys Division

#1 – AZ Outlaws vs NR – 3d Colorado

#3 – Salt Lake Summit vs #5 – LA Mavs

2025 Boys Division

#2 – AZ Outlaws vs NR – Bolts

#4 – RC Blues vs NR – Team 91 Northside

2026 Boys Division

#2 – RC Blues vs NR – Midwest Top Gun

#4 – Salt Lake Summit vs NR – Kings

2027 Boys Division

#2 – RC Blues vs NR – Bolts

#7 – AZ Outlaws vs NR – 3d Colorado

The full boys schedule, scores, and rankings can be found here.

Check out the Adrenaline Power Rankings matchups to watch for the girls:

Girls Elite Division

#1 – Team Arizona Blue vs #10 – Force Elite

#5 – Vand’al Lacrosse Elite vs NR – True CA Attack

Girls HS Division

#5 – Team Norcal GHS Elite vs NR – Rebel Lacrosse

#8 – Team Arizona Gold vs NR – True CO Denver Metro

2025 Division

#1 – Oregon Pride vs NR – Colorado Command

2026 Division

NR – 91 Bolts vs NR – Colorado Command

2027 Division

NR – Team 91 CO vs NR – True CO Denver

2029 Division

NR – 3d Colorado vs NR – Elevate Lacrosse

The full girls schedule, scores, and rankings can be found here.

This is a don’t-miss western recruiting opportunity as 50+ top NCAA mens and womens coaches will be in attendance watching players battle it out on the top rated Air Force Fields. Some of the top schools on the mens side in attendance include Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Bryant, Cornell, and more. While Adrenaline has established itself as a go-to for recruiting on the boys side over the last 15 years, the same effort has been carried out on the girls side in the last few years to support the recent growth in high level talent out west. Vanderbilt, Penn State, Brown, Colorado, Winthrop, St. Mary’s and Binghamton are among the slew of womens coaches attending in search of their future freshman.

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