Program Policies


  • The SDYLA is a spring league of member programs from communities throughout San Diego County.  CV Falcons players must reside in the Carmel Valley, Del Mar or Solana Beach communities to be eligible for this program.  The only exceptions to this rule are if an adjacent community program does not offer a team or if a player’s home community program releases him.  Releases are subject to SDYLA board approval and if that release is approved the player may then play for an adjacent community program only.  SDYLA will be strictly enforcing these boundary eligibility guidelines.


  • All players are required to have a current US Lacrosse membership. This is an SDYLA league requirement and provides for supplemental insurance coverage.  For more information on US Lacrosse and to become a member go to


  • Players are expected to attend all practices and games but we understand that conflicts do arise throughout the course of a season.  Parents or players must communicate with team coaches in advance if a player is going to miss a practice or a game for any reason.  Unexcused absences could lead to dismissal from the program.


  • Playing time is not guaranteed to be even at any level but the coaches will do their best to ensure that all players get on the field as much as possible in every game.  We want all of our players to improve and have fun.


  • Players and parents are expected to always show good sportsmanship and to be good club representatives.  Poor player or parent sportsmanship will result in disciplinary action and may lead to removal from the club.
  • Parents, please watch games from the side of the field opposite the players, always set a good example for our boys and be respectful towards players, coaches, officials and other parents at all times.


  • If you have a problem or complaint, or if you want to let us know what a great job we are doing, please contact your coach or the club director at an appropriate time.  We do very much appreciate feedback both good and bad.  If you are upset we ask that you wait 24 hours before contacting your coach or the club director.


  • The use of drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.  If players are caught using either substance while under the supervision of the Falcons program, they will be removed from the club.


  • If a player is dismissed for violating any of the behavior or attendance policies outlined below, no refunds will be issued.


  • Adrenaline and the Carmel Valley Falcons have a “No Refund Policy”.  In order to help protect your travel and registration fee’s in the event you suffer an injury either on the field or off, illness or cancellation due to inclement weather,  we encourage you to purchase the new AIG insurance policy called “Registration Saver.”  The policy covers your registration and travel fee investment for the club season.  The premium cost is 7% of the season fee and will give you relief from our strict “No Refund Policy” should an issue occur before or during the season.
  • Please click here to receive a quote today. If you have any questions, please call AIG directly at 866-690-6859. They are open and available for questions concerning coverage and services 24 hours each day.