Recruiting, Go Time: What To Do Now That Spring Is Over



June 1st, 2015

While the spring season had everybody wrapped up and busy with their own teams, conferences, logistics, travel, games etc, recruiting takes a back seat for both parties (Colleges and prospectives) these past few months.

I hope you focused on getting better and enjoying the experience of playing for your school with your friends this spring. In in that process you should’ve also been getting yourself as ready as you can for the summer club circuit, both on and off the field.  As the season is comes to an end for NCAA programs, coaches are shifting their attention to recruiting almost immediately.  We strongly suggest emailing college coaches and keep them up to date.

Here’s what you need to include:

– An updated highlight video from the spring.

– The high school you are currently attending and your teams record for the season.

– Which events you will be attending this summer, with which teams, your position, and jersey number.

– Any updated test scores.

– Add something unique to make the email more personable.  For example, congratulate the coach for an awesome season or a great win against their rival team.

Its a long, competitive season ahead, and for some of you, the most important summer of your recruiting process. It is crucial to get those emails out to coaches and get them familiar with your name heading into these events. Depending on where you are in the recruiting process, and/or how busy the college coaches are (you are one person in a sea of potential players), do not get discouraged if you don’t hear back! Let your talent/play speak for you. Additionally, make sure you are taking care of yourself physically. If you are not able to play and showcase your skills, the emails won’t matter!

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