Recruiting, Go Time: How to Contact College Coaches



April 29th, 2015

As the regular school seasons are in full swing, now is a great time to update your highlight films and drop college coaches a quick note checking in with the video, quick update on your season and outlining where they can see you this summer. Given that they are also busy with their seasons and travel, this is really the most realistic method and amount of communication needed. If they want to speak with you, rest assured they will reach out to your club or HS coach and arrange a call. Below are a few guidelines for contacting coaches.

Rules to Sending Recruiter Emails:

  1. Address the email to a specific coach. If you want to send an email to the entire staff, that is fine; however address each coach individually (safest bet).
  2. Do not send BCC mass emails.
  3. Make sure you spell the coach’s name correct, and make sure it’s addressed to the correct coach!
  4. When writing an email, stay short, but provide all vital information (see below for guidelines).
  5. Include highlight links in your email. Emails with links will get read and entertained well before emails from players who do not provide coaches with a link.
  6. Maintain frequent communication, but don’t over do it. Emails at the beginning, middle, and end of semesters are great because you can add in more details.
  7. Lead your emails with the important stuff. Just like a highlight film, the beginning of your email should have all the important stuff (See below for guidelines).


Sample Framework for Recruiter Emails:

1st paragraph should include:

  1. Introduce yourself (Full Name)
  2. State that you are reaching out to express your interest in X College/University (you don’t need to flatter anyone here and give details why – that’s what makes it too long)
  3. Year of Graduation
  4. High School (include coach’s contact information – cell and email)
  5. Club (include coach’s contact information – cell and email)
  6. Position (often left out… amazing)
  7. Size, including height and weight (it’s nice to know when a guy is 6’3, 130lbs. It helps coaches compare size)

2nd paragraph should include (can be listed):

  1. Highlight link and let coaches know where the clips are from (example: this is from last summer and the fall of 2012, this is from last July, or this is a highlight film from my first 5 games this spring, etc.).

3rd paragraph should include (can be listed):

  1. Provide coaches with your upcoming schedule for all events you will be attending in the fall or summer, whichever is applicable at the time.
  2.  State what team you will be playing with (individual/club team, HS team, etc).

4th paragraph should include (can be listed):

  1. Provide any applicable stats or awards you have attained, as well as any all-star games you may have played in.


**A cool thing that some guys do aside from providing coaches with the above information is acknowledging the NCAA rules (example: “I know you can’t email me, back but I look forward to keeping in touch”).

** At the end of the day, the things that matter most are the grades/test scores provided in the email. Make sure you do your best to “control the controllables” by over achieving in the classroom and in your SAT/ACT test preparation.

** A good rule of thumb is if we have to scroll, or the email can’t be skimmed in less than 10 seconds (that’s why listing is so important), then your email is too long.


Strive to get better everyday this summer Remember: amateurs work until they get it right, professionals work until they can’t get it wrong. All Fight, No Flight.


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