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Patch iD – Adrenaline Electric – Yellow and White on Black

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Adrenaline Lacrosse Patch iD
Removable patch for use with Patch iD products.

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Adrenaline’s new military-inspired Patch iD feature brings Camp Pendleton and Coronado style to all of our top-end outerwear, bags, and hats. For years, military units and schools have used custom patches to foster a unique identity among their team members and graduates. As units change and members move on, new patches are shared and earned, creating a history of service that can be worn like a resume on your jacket sleeve. It’s a way to share your individual accomplishments or your contribution towards a team. Today’s Lacrosse athletes are no longer defined by one team. You compete on fields across the country with your school and countless clubs. You graduate from U11 starter teams to high school elite and beyond. With Patch iD, you can change out Adrenaline custom team patches you’ve earned throughout your playing career. Show off your current squad, reminisce about that undefeated winter travel team, or even wear a patch from your favorite band or city.

Let what you wear say more about who you are and where you’ve been than ever before.


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