Parker Anger

I was born in Washington DC and raised in Bethesda, Maryland.   I started playing lacrosse in 6th grade and went to Landon in 7th grade.  I was one of the tallest kids in my class in 7th grade so my coach handed me a d pole and said, “you’re playing defense”.  Turns out I stayed pretty much the same height so I ended up being on the smaller side for the position but I loved playing it anyway.   Landon is a relatively small school with a rich lacrosse history.  Besides playing there, I think going to the games as a youngin’ was one of my favorite memories.   Like when I was just a wee lad watching the way older Alex Cade mind the net against players like Jesse Hubbard.   I ended up playing college at Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware, Ohio.  I stayed in Ohio for two years and needed a change of scenery…like a very significant one.  I packed up and moved out west to finish school.  I didn’t know many people in SD and I hadn’t even considered being involved in lacrosse at all until I was reading the classifieds and saw a job for a head caching position at Patrick Henry.  I ended up taking the job and as a 23 year old, I was the head coach of a varsity lacrosse team.   It was an interesting scenario for me because the cultural difference between the east and west coasts was significant.   Besides falling in love with a local girl, who I would eventually marry, this was the most interaction I had with authentic born and raised west coast culture.   There was a freedom and energy unlike the east coast and I immediately became enamored with diving in to it.

What is your ideal day?

My ideal day involves my family, good beer, and cheeseburgers.

Bethesda, MD
Current City
San Diego, CA