Noah Fink

I grew up in McLean, VA and attended Landon High School.  My sister, also a lacrosse player, attended Potomac and then William & Mary. Upon graduation, I headed to Bucknell University where I also played lacrosse and studied International Relations.  Post college, I found myself in Paraguay working in the Peace Corps and before making my way out to San Diego to get my master’s degree in business.  While at UCSD I started working with Adrenaline and have been with the company now for over 14 years.  We have a great group of people who are all passionate about the products we make and the services we provide.  I am also the father of four little gremlins who all love to play sports, listen to bad music, and keep their mom and dad on their toes!

What is your favorite Adrenaline moment and why?

My favorite Adrenaline moment was when we used to run events in Sonoma, CA.  It was a great atmosphere and was one of the first of many events that began smaller in size and grew into a large, well-respected recruiting event with some great lacrosse.

McLean, VA
Current City
San Diego, CA
Apparel Sales and Marketing
Bucknell University


  • D1 Athlete Bucknell (’94-’98)
  • Head Coach at St. Stephen’s in Austin