Mike Gnoffo

I grew up just outside Philly, where I learned to love sports and respect athletes with a blue collar mentality…grinders, hitters, guys that did the little inglorious things that turn into wins. My parents had a Volkswagen and we drove across the country every summer before I started playing lacrosse, so I learned to love traveling and being outside and remote. All of that experience found me looking for a challenge and a team to contribute towards, so I ended up joining the Marine Corps. The service brought me out to San Diego, and ultimately I found myself in wild locales ranging from Scottish Castles and German Beer Halls to Afghan poppy fields. When it came time to hang up my uniform, I knew I’d need to be at a place that valued people that were ready to grind like the athletes I grew up idolizing in Philly, that had the sense of adventure and flexibility you learn from travel, and the stress tolerance and small unit skills I’d found in the Corps. Lacrosse has woven itself through all the different phases of my life, so it was obvious that Adrenaline would be that place for me.

What what your turning point in your lacrosse career?

Getting hired at Adrenaline was really the turning point, which sounds crazy because it’s so late in the game. I had been away from the sport for a few years between military deployments and training evolutions, and hadn’t picked up a stick since I had moved to San Diego. The second I came on board, I was coaching high school and club ball, playing in men’s leagues and tournaments all over the country, and was surrounded by the sport 24/7. It’s been a rush, and I can’t imagine another day without the game involved in one way or another.

Philadelphia, PA
Current City
San Diego, CA
University of Delaware