Logan Schuss

What it means to Logan to be an unconventional athlete:

How I prepare for competition can be viewed as unconventional when compared to many other high level athletes. Typically you can find guys in the locker room focused as soon as they walk into the locker room or right when they wake up on game day. For me, I like to prepare quite differently.
I’ve always been known by coaches and team-mates to be the guy with a light switch type of personality and swagger to them. I like to stay loose, DJ, and dance around the locker room and crack jokes to keep a light atmosphere before games.
Once I step on the floor , it’s straight business!
I think I can say the same thing about my lifestyle off the field.
For me, its all about having fun, enjoying the moment, and whatever problems come my way I attack it like I would in a game.
Ladner, British Columbia


Ohio State University Attack
All Time leading Goal Scorer, 2nd All-Time points
3X All American
2X Conference Player of the Year
4X Ohio State Offensive Player of the year
BigTen Medal of Honor finalist
Captain of the Buckeyes Senior year as Conference Champions
Drafted 11th Overall
2013 MLL Rookie of the year finalist
2013 Ohio Machine Rookie of the Year
2014 MLL All Star
Drafted #1 Overall
2014 NLL Rookie of the Year
2014 All Rookie Team