Kelly Connors

I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia where I was the youngest of five. I spent a majority of my childhood on a field or a court, and if my twin sister* and I weren’t competing, we were getting dragged around to the rest of our siblings’ sporting events. Despite putting to rest any last hope for our Dad that he would have raised a basketball/baseball collegiate all-star, Kacie* and I followed in our older sisters’ footsteps and decided to play DI lacrosse. We headed to Music City to play for Vanderbilt University, which was much further than any place we’d been from home alone (… but there was a McDonalds across the street so we figured at the very least we weren’t going to starve). Turns out fourteen hours away from home was a blast, so we traveled abroad to live in Barcelona, and upon graduation we both headed west and I found my way to Southern California. I’ve been working for Adrenaline for the 3+ years I have lived out here and its been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After going to school in the South, I quickly learned about the void of the sport in nontraditional areas (our games averaged three fans, but maybe that’s just women’s lacrosse…), which made me excited to join a team of people trying to turn that very concept on its head. The ability to provide avenues for kids to carry out their dreams like I did is pretty sweet, but so are the people who I get to do it with.

What is your ideal day?

My ideal day involves waking up early in Stone Harbor/ Avalon, NJ with pork roll sandwiches and coffee on the dock with the family. The larger portion of the day is a toss up between spending it on the beach with a good book, or cruising on a boat in the back bay with friends, a few beverages and some water sports. Both versions end with no shower happy hour at the Windrift before heading back to HQ for a home cooked meal.


Philadelphia, PA
Current City
San Diego, CA
Womens Development & Sales Manager
Vanderbilt University


  • Division I Athlete (’08-’12)
    West Coast Starz Girls Coach
    Torrey Pines HS Girls Coach