Grace Larson

I went to an all girls prep school in Wellesley Massachusetts where we had girls lacrosse sports. Who knew I would be supporting the Adrenaline team in San Diego years later!

Adrenaline has gone through many great changes over the past couple of years with respect to staying true to its core mission, focus, and its people.

Whenever employees move on from Adrenaline, I consistently hear about friendships they have made and the fun memories they have created over the years together inside and out on the field.

I enjoy working at Adrenaline  beacuse it is a unique company with youthful energy, willingness to try new ways and fight the fight in a competitive lacrosse space with an unfettered, can-do attitude.  That’s what makes Adrenaline a great place to work!

What is your favorite coffee spot?

My favorite coffee spot is Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Leucadia. Why?  Located in a converted railroad station, has the best muffins and variety of breakfast items to choose from. The atmosphere is a bit artsy, surfy, beachy flare and local charm.  Love that they allow dogs and water dish for our pets.

Carlsbad, CA
Current City
San Diego, CA
Human Resources
Occidental College