Gabe Straub

Nazareth, PA
Current City
San Diego, CA
Event Operations Associate
Chestnut Hill College


I was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, Pennsylvania that is. I grew up playing sports and riding bikes, not well, but found lacrosse in 7th grade, and never wanted to do anything else. Went on to play at Chestnut Hill College in Philly, to keep the dream alive way past it’s prime. After school, I realized I was always cold and packed up for warmer weather in 2018. I started working Field Staff for Adrenaline in 2015 and continued thru college and after school. Now, with the help of the other people on our Ops team, we run some of the best events in the lacrosse community.


  • What is your favorite Adrenaline moment and why? Seeing the kids who played for our club teams and clubs that come to our events commit. It is super awesome to see how much college lacrosse has expanded since I started playing and was trying to get looks.
  • What is your life motto? Keep on, Keepin’ on. Joe Dirt

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