PA Invitational Team Spotlight: Low And Away

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June, 15th, 2016

Adrenaline is excited to host Pennsylvania native club, Low and Away, at the Summer Invitational PA event at the end of June in Downingtown, PA. In its inaugural year, this event drew in a plethora of top collegiate programs to scope the ever growing talent in the traditional hotbeds and beyond, and this year is no exception. Find out more about Low And Away:

Club Program:
Low and Away
Divisions/Age Groups:
2017, 2018 & 2019​
Director: Robbie Marasti

2017 Coaches: Chris Ilse (HC); Derek Finney (AC)
2018 Coaches: Travis Harrington (HC); Jimmy Perkins (AC)
2019 Coaches: Tyler Digby (HC); Brett Cass (AC)
Social Media Handles (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook):
Instagram: @lowandawaylax
Where is your program based? What other cities are you in, if any?
Pittsburgh, PA​. Formerly in Lancaster, PA until they merged with The Rock a few months ago.
How long has your program been around?
6 years.
What are your team values/ goals?
To treat others the way you want to be treated and to create a family environment throughout the Low and Away community. ​
What is your team motto?
Become your best​
Any notable Alum that played/ play at the next level?
Andy DeMichiei – Marquette
Alex Ready – Denver
Doran Graham – Jacksonville
Quint Miller – Jacksonville
Any current committed players? Please include their full name, grad year, and where they are headed.
Brian Ward – Yale University
Nick Tommasi – Providence College
Peyton Lane – Amherst College
Dan Lee – Ithaca College
Preston Chamberlin – Wooster College
Jackson O’Neill – Franklin & Marshall College
Blake Thompson – North Greenville University
Pat Morrow – Onondaga CC
Adam Reimer – Seton Hill University
Logan Maloni – Seton Hill University
Cian Malcolm – Robert Morris University
Carter Amorose – Robert Morris University
Calvin Sargent – Cleveland State University
Brady Moze – Cleveland State University
Peyton Manko – University of Detroit Mercy
Players to look out for?
Ben Mulholland
Teddy McClain
Connor Brumfield
Patrick McAnally
Evan Juncal ​
​Mac Ference ​
Alec Vissotski
Greg Ferringer
Cam Haley
Noah Brussard
Jake Freedlander
Jake Giotto
Clayton Scott
Danny Bachiocci
Will Delaney
Ben Delaney
Trevor Tocchet
Michael Steliotes
Ben Barnes
Ben Maenza
Will Harnick
Moses Moran
Jared Slack
Antonio O’Barto

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