New Apex Overnight Camp Is The Best Faceoff Program In The Nation

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Adrenaline has partnered with Faceoff Academy, the leaders in faceoff training, recruiting & instruction, to bring the top western players a groundbreaking overnight immersion camp called Apex. Capped at 40 boys and 25 girls, this intimate, three-day experience will be led by the top instructors in the world, including Greg Gurenlian (Team USA, MLL MVP, PLL, Adrln Athlete), Trevor Baptiste (Team, USA, MLL, PLL), Brendan Fowler (Team USA, MLL, PLL), Jerry Ragnonese (MLL, PLL) and Sammy Jo Tracy (WPLL, 2X NCAA National Champion). Check out their coaching profiles for more insight into their knowledge of the Mens and Womens games, respectively.

Apex Overnight Camp will offer the best in training, drills and techniques to rapidly advance Faceoff Athletes’ skill sets. Each player will walk away with a wealth of drills and advanced technique knowledge that will undoubtedly take their game to the next level. “Our #1 concern at FOA is that we over deliver on everything we do,” says Greg Gurenlian. “We have set the bar in FO training because we are dedicated to instructing, mentoring and educating at the highest level. In order to run a gold standard overnight camp, we teamed up with the best in the business, Adrenaline, to bring an experience that is unheard of and unmatched in an overnight Faceoff event. These athletes will be treated to first-class facilities, first-class staff and a first-class experience. We never deliver anything less.”

While the coaching credentials alone should be enough to bring you to the fields, in order to train these athletes like champions, we’ve secured one of the top facilities in the country that does just that. Players will take full advantage of their stay at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego, making use of state of the art fields, weight rooms, dining halls and more.

“For years we’ve heard the requests to provide FOA/DCA athletes with an overnight camp. Throughout that time, we have painstakingly selected locations, partners and curriculum to unveil the premier overnight experience for our attendees,” says Jerry Ragonese. “Like any FOA event, you can expect the best of the best. We couldn’t be more excited to show what we have in store for you.”

Sammy Jo Tracy has made the quite splash in the specialty training landscape on the girls side. Although Faceoff Academy started as a boys only offering, the Draw Academy has boomed and has done wonders for the female players all over the U.S. trying to get that edge. “This will be a one-of-a-kind experience for any athlete looking to bring their game to the next level. Adrenaline is providing a first-class environment and facility, while our staff is providing world-class training and competition,” comments Sammy. “I am so excited to be a part of it!”

Adrenaline’s mission has always been to support the growth of the game, which perfectly aligns with FOA’s effort to effectively train players nationwide. “We are honored to be partnering with the best in the business for faceoffs and draws,” says Adrln CEO, Alex Cade. “The steadfast dedication to instruction and over delivering for the players was a natural draw for us in this partnership. We are appreciative the FOA and Draw Academy are joining us on our mission to empower the lacrosse athlete. This is going to be fun.”

Registration for Apex Overnight is officially open. Limited spots available for boys and girls, DON’T WAIT.