Full House For America’s Finest Rivalry

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After an incredible showing in the East, the Adrenaline events team packs up and ships out to the West coast.  Temecula, CA will be the site for a thrilling three days of action-packed lacrosse. And although the area is best known for its wineries, the world’s best grapes will have to share the stage with the nation’s best lacrosse clubs at San Diego Prospect Day and America’s Finest Rivalry.

The action kicks off Friday as the region’s top players roll into the immaculate Galway Downs. Top NCAA coaches will be anxiously awaiting to share their knowledge while running players through individual fundamentals, positional training, and small game concepts. And, of course, we can’t forget about the live competitive games in which the NCAA coaches lead their teams to victory while evaluating players as prospective student athletes.

As the sun rises on Saturday, 120+ girls and boys teams will strap up to begin pool play. Tensions will rise and rivalries will reignite as the race for the Western Cup begins. Every game matters whether it’s a semifinal or a consolation game. Every win or loss will be put into the Adrenaline Power Rankings, the true objective measure of your club. Matchups and live scores can be found on Tourney Machine all weekend long.

For those looking to tune in to the action as we progress through to Championship Sunday, follow along with our Media Team for an insider look on the weekend. Use the hashtags below and share your experience for a chance to be featured! Fun for the whole family just doesn’t take place on the fields. Our Adrenaline Vendor Village, as well as the Adrenaline Roadshow, will be running at full capacity with numerous local vendors featured as well as great opportunities to save big on Adrenaline Team Gear.

Looking to make the most out of your tournament experience this summer? Join ADRLN in top destination locations such as Park City, Colorado Springs, Bend, San Diego, Vegas, and Santa Barbara!


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