San Diego Regional Prospect Day

The Regional Prospect Day program is a tremendous chance to showcase your skills under the instruction of top NCAA coaches. The Regional Prospect Day is also an affordable compliment to tournament play that increases a player’s visibility with top collegiate programs. Regional Prospect Day provides players the opportunity to be coached by some of today’s best college coaches while being evaluated as a prospective student athlete. Players will be put through a high tempo college level practice focusing on individual fundamentals, positional training, small number situations and full field transition. Players are divided into teams for live competitive games to finish off the sessions. The prospect day is the perfect complement to our tournament series where coaches can work with players in an intimate setting on the Friday before then watching them play for their club teams on Saturday & Sunday. The Regional Prospect Day will be capped at 120 players to allow for maximum attention. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your game and be recruited!

Adrenaline’s vision is to capture the distinct aspects of each city we visit and provide a regional experience for the thousands of people in attendance. In order to accomplish this, Adrenaline curates the best food, shopping, and entertainment options in each location, and showcases them in the Adrenaline Vendor Village. Find out more about what to do off field with your team on our Local Attractions tab.

*This event is open to all

Event Features

  • Intimate setting capped at 120 players allows players and coaches enhanced personal interactions through drills and competition.
  • ADRLN Reps onsite to mindfully recommend to coaches and their players other events that could be a good fit and value for them to attend in order to provide further collegiate exposure opportunities
  • 25 NCAA college coaches attending
  • Affordable addition to tournament offering for increased personal interactions with NCAA coaches
  • 3 Engaging top level NCAA practice simulation from the top NCAA minds in the game
  • Top players divided into teams that are coached by top NCAA coaches
  • 3 games over the course of the day
  • College recruiting seminar for parents and players
  • Sponsored by Gatorade

DIVISIONS | Boys & Girls!

2018 (11th Grade)
2019 (10th Grade)
2020 (9th Grade)
2021 (8th Grade)- Welcome to participate but will be playing in the HS division!

*Divisions based off of Graduation Year. Players should use grades completed in Spring 2017.

Event Details

June 16, 2017 (Friday)
Del Mar Polo Fields
14555 El Camino Real
Del Mar, CA 92014
Registration Info

Boys Player Fee:  $195
Girls Player Fee:  $125



Thank you for your interest in San Diego Regional Prospect Day!
We work closely with the Convention & Visitors’ Bureaus as well as Sports Commissions to not only source the best venues, but contract with a variety of hotels to fit everyone’s needs. We request to work with a wide variety of lodging partners in order to also secure excellent rates for all of our players. In order to achieve this, Adrenaline has a Stay to Play policy so that the hotels, cities and counties are assured that the discounts they offer are used. We work closely with our lodging partners to track team reservations and the stay to play policy as well as ensure that there are enough rooms for everyone attending the event. Players that are based within a 75 mile radius of the event facility and are planning to commute are exempt from complying with Stay to Play Policy by informing or 800-430-1159 of their plans. All players from over 75 miles away are expected to book with the designated hotels as a condition of entry – no exceptions. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 800-430-1159. We will make sure that your teams are taken care of and in the best fit.






2016 San Diego Regional Prospect Day Schedule- FOR REFERENCE ONLY!


2017 Confirmed Summer Recruiters as of 3/8!


San Diego State University
Pomona Pitzer
Bryn Mawr College
California State University, Fresno
 Beloit College
University of California, San Diego
   Missouri Valley College 
Whittier College
Kean University 
Bard College              

Arizona State University
Ottawa University
Washington & Jefferson
Utica College
Stevens Institute of Technology
Brevard College
Whittier College
Vassar College
Wilmington College
Seton Hill University
Adams State University
John Carroll University
Lehigh University
Virginia Military Institute
University of North Carolina
University of Richmond
Colorado Mesa

Field MAP


AFR Field Map FINAL-page-001

parking = $10/day

*THE DEL MAR FAIR IS IN TOWN SO PLEASE ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO GET TO THE FIELDSBelow are the best routes to avoid Friday traffic!  

From Interstate 5 South:

Exit on Lomas Sante Fe Dr. Head East on Lomas Stata Fe Dr. to El Camino Real. Make a right on El Camino Real and it will lead you into the Main Entrance. (Quickest way to get here with the fair traffic)

From Interstate 5 North:

Exit on Lomas Santa Fe Dr. Head East on Lomas Santa Fe Dr. to El Camino Real. Make a right on El Camino Real and it will lead you into the Main Entrance. (Quickest way to get here with the fair traffic)

From Interstate 15:

Head West on West Valley Parkway. West Valley Parkway will turn into Del Dios Highway. Go about 5-6 miles and Del Dios Hgwy will turn into Paseo Delicias. Keep heading West and Make a left on Via De La Valle and go about 3-4 miles until you see the main entrance at the San Diego Polo Fields.



Adrenaline is pleased to announce we are offering parents a solution to our “No Refund” policy as it relates to event fees.  We are highly recommending that you purchase this new AIG policy called “Registration Saver”.  You may still purchase even though you have already registered.

The policy helps protect parent’s investment in non-refundable event fees and related travel cost if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather or your player suffers an injury or illness either on or off the field prior to the event.  It also covers many other unforeseen circumstances, which might prevent a player from participating.

Here are some key reasons why we wanted to make parents aware of the “Registration Saver”:

  • Adrenaline has a “NO” Refund Policy
  • Injuries & Illness Occurs
  • Event Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather
  • Non-Refundable Travel Costs Are Covered
  • Affordable Coverage at 6% of Event & Travel Costs

***Note: The policy must be purchased 15 or more days prior to the start of the event. The premium is very affordable and calculated based on 6% of the event and travel related expenses.

If you purchase a policy and an injury, illness or other unforeseen event should happen to your player before the tournament start date, the policy kicks in to reimburse your costs.

How to Buy:  Please visit the website: to review the coverage.  To complete the simple application, click on “Apply Now” and select the “Tournament & Camps”.   You can purchase a policy for just the event registration fee or if you wish to include your travel, simply fill in the related travel expenses in the fields provided and your premium will be calculated for you. If parents and family members are traveling also, you can purchase the travel for the whole family! We highly recommend purchasing ASAP!



EDCA- Adrenaline Challenge 2016.pdf

Sponsors & Vendors

THANKS TO OUR 2017 San diego prospect sponsors!

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  • Due to the nature of pre-planning Adrenaline has a NO REFUND policy.
  • To protect your travel and registration fee’s in the event you suffer an injury either on the field or off, illness or cancellation due to inclement weather, we  encourage you to purchase the new AIG insurance policy called “Registration Saver.” The policy covers your registration and travel fee investment for the camp/tournament/ club season . If you have already registered, you can still purchase the insurance. The premium cost is 7% of the season fee/ 6% for registration and travel for camp/tournament and will give you relief from our strict “No Refund Policy” should an issue occur before or during the season/tournament.
  • To review the coverage and complete the simple application, go to Click on “Apply Now” and select the “Season”/”Camp-Tournament” policy to sign up. If something should happen to your player before or after the season/tournament start date, the policy will refund your fees pro-rata, based on the duration of the season/tournament or when the player has to stop participating.
  • AIG/Travel Guard can be reached at 866-690-6859 and is available 24/7.


  • Log into your Adrenaline Account.
  • Click on the “Refund Request Form” and fill out information.
  • Valid medical documentation must be submitted to
  • Adrenaline will confirm receipt of documentation.  Credit request may take up to 30 days to process.
    • User Error:  No Refund – Credit Only
    • Weather Cancellation:  No Refund
    • Partial Attendance:  No Refund
    • Room & Board:  If an event requires rooming/meal planning those fees will be deducted from any credit unless the cancellation is 30 days prior to the event
    • Registration:  If you register for an event through your team, refunds/credits will be processed through the team


  • Players interested in participating in an event but are not on a team MUST register as a Free Agent on our website.
  • If a Free Agent Fee applies, the Free Agent must pay the fee.  If they are not placed a full refund will be granted.
  • Once a player registers as a Free Agent, contact information will be sent to all attending coaches/directors.
  • If a team needs an additional player, they will contact the Free Agent directly.
  • If the player fee is set to $0, Coaches/Directors may set their own Free Agent price.


In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the Events Director reserves the right to

  • Reduce game times in order to catch up with the schedule.
  • Finish game before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions
  • Reschedule games, if possible.
  • Convert tournament to a “Festival” format (reduction of minimum game number) without playoffs or championships to provide the majority of teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website.  However, the weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable.

If lightning is observed at any location, play will be suspended immediately.  If it is the second hald, the game will be considered final and the score at that point will be recorded.  If it is the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half.  Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on times.  If the start of the second half suspended game delays the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will occur:

  • The game suspended will play one 20 minute running half
  • Subsequent games will begin immediately after proceeding games (teams will warm up on the sideline prior).  These games will consist of two 20 minute running halves until games are back on schedule.
  • Once games are back on schedule they will revert to two 25 minute running time periods.

We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game but the safety of players and all tournament attendees comes first!
No refunds will be granted if these actions are necessary after the start of the tournament.
Facility owners, not tournament organizers, have final say on whether the tournament will take place due to weather and field conditions.
In the event the event is cancelled prior to the start of the event due to weather, a partial refund may be issued.  Final determination of refund amount will be on an event by event basis.  All events have fixed expenses related to field rental & facilities, set-up costs, insurance, personnel and other matters regardless of cancellation due to weather.  Accordingly, no teams will receive full refunds of the registration fee if the tournament is cancelled.


If there is Financial Aid available, it will be distributed appropriately based on:

  1. Verified Family Income – The eligibility threshold is combined parental Adjusted Gross of $60,000 (line 37 on federal tax return form 1040).  Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.
    1. Income Verification:  A signed copy of the most recent Federal Tax Return must be emailed to
  2. Amount  Awarded – The Financial Aid Committee shall determine the amount of the financial aid available for a season/event; however, there is no obligation to award any/all of the award pool.  Based on the amount of the award pool and the amount of financial aid requests, awards will be made on a sliding scale based on verified family income.  The maximum amount of an award shall not exceed the total fee for the program/event.
  3. Applications – Financial Aid applications must be submitted 2 months prior to the first day of practice/event and will be reviewed, determined and communicated one month prior to practice.
  4. Recruiting Events – Due to NCAA rules, no Financial Aid will be granted for recruiting events.

Questions regarding any of these policies should be directed to