Adrenaline Spring Teams provide new and developing players at the youth level the opportunity to participate in an organized league without having the stress of trying out. The Feeder System Model was developed in order to provide a natural and easy to understand method through which players choose their team. This model organizes players into local area programs based on what school he or she attends. This has proven successful in San Diego with the Adrenaline Youth League (AYL) over the last 14 years with 700+ players participating each year. The major high school programs in San Diego all have designated feeder programs that correlate with the AYL programs. Accordingly, players progress through the league playing for the same area program and with their friends for a number of years. Most of the feeders offer teams in every division; however, in the event that your specified area program does not offer a team in your age group, players are permitted to play on a nearby program.

Youth Springs Teams put heavy emphasis on involvement between the league, teams, parent volunteers and high school boosters. It is important that players at this young age are not only coached on the proper fundamentals, but that they come together as a team and have fun.