“Enhance independent clubs’ ability to achieve next level goals for their players”

The Adrenaline corporate office offers various levels of service and support to accommodate and enhance the unique nature of any independent club program with a one-stop-shop approach in mind. Programs are welcomed with immediate support and utilization of the full-service Operational, Branding, Design, Programming, Events and Marketing mechanism only Adrenaline has established. Each individual affiliate club benefit derives from one of three overarching Adrenaline club Mantras- consultation, access, and exposure. The commitment to the execution on all of these aspects will guarantee the success of any affiliated program.

  • No big ask- clubs keep control and stay independent
  • Clear cut & simple rebated and benefits program
  • Clubs have the ability to leverage Adrenaline resources

Consultation: The Adrenaline clubs platform gives access to our expert team for in depth knowledge regarding administrative responsibilities and information-based tasks.

    • Topics include: budgeting assistance, growth strategies, coaching/recruiting resources and direction, registration structure, team apparel and more
    • The Template Model provides new clubs with direction, while assisting veteran clubs in the enhancement of their program structure from top to bottom

Access: Our team provides access to the sport’s top tournaments in the nation, unrivaled creative marketing & branding team, cutting edge top-level training with professional athletes and nationally recognized head-to-toe team products.

Exposure: Unmatched club team national exposure comes from utilizing our industry leading, well-established events attended by college coaches, elite clubs, and national lacrosse media outlets, the Adrenaline Blogosphere, and our own far-reaching social media platforms that aggregate over 175+K followers.