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March 9th, 2015

JoJo Biddle- 2016 |Pacific Ridge High School | RC Starz | West Coast Starz | University of Pennsylvania (Commit)

Do you have a signature move?

In general, I don’t have a move that I use over and over again. I try to keep the defenders guessing so I can get to a spot where I can hit corners.

If you could play against any lacrosse player who would it be?

 I would like to play against the Stanwick brothers.   They are amazing lacrosse players and it would be an honor to be on the same field with them.

Any significance to your Jersey number?

My father and I have shared the number 11 jersey since I was a four year old hockey player. Furthermore, my birthday is on 11/11, so the number 11 has always been special

You’ve been a part of Starz Lacrosse since you started playing. How do you feel the program prepared you for your collegiate career?

The Starz lacrosse program has prepared me well for my collegiate career because of the caliber of players I’ve been fortunate to play along side and against and the high level of coaching I’ve received.  I give the Starz program a lot of credit for the player I’ve become.

What lessons, if any, do believe that you will take away from lacrosse that will help you later in life?

Lacrosse has taught me the power of perseverance. Whether I am experiencing difficulty with my one on one match up or struggling with a calculus problem, I have learned that if I take a step back, review the situation, and try again, that I will have a high chance of obtaining success.

What position do you play, why?

I play attack because I like both the mental and physical challenges of the position.

What do you do in the off season to prepare?

I play wall-ball, shoot on my goalie friends, do hill sprints, and lift weights.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement as a lacrosse player would to become both an Athletic All-American and an Academic All-American.

What kind of stick are you using?

I use a Warrior Diamond shaft with an aqua Evo 4.

Give an example of how you are a team player.

Last summer at the Adrenaline Platinum Cup in the semi final game I dodged to goal in the final minute, drew the slide, and made a skip-pass to Bubba Fairman who finished the ball and sent the game to overtime. This last goal was the final goal of a four goal comeback.

What’s the best part about playing Starz Lacrosse?

My favorite part about playing Starz lacrosse is playing with quality lacrosse players who are great people and being taught by talented coaches who love the game as much as I do and let us have fun with it.

How long have you been playing lacrosse? What got you started?

I have been playing lacrosse since I was in third grade.  I played ice hockey in the winter and was looking for something with more action than baseball for the spring. I saw some boys playing lacrosse and it was all clear.  Lacrosse was my sport.

Are you parents athletes? What did they play, when and how far did they go?

My father played many sports recreationally in high school and college, but focused primarily on wrestling. He wrestled at a small Division III college in Pennsylvania.  My mother was a cheerleader in high school and at the same college as my father.

Any Hobbies or interests off of the field?

I love to surf, ski, golf, and play tennis with friends. Also, I strive to become a fluent Spanish speaker, so I do part-time work in a Spanish speaking environment and travel to Spanish speaking countries whenever possible.

What is one of your most memorable goals?

At the Adrenaline Platinum Cup this past summer, I took a hard shot into the top right corner and it ripped right through the net.  No one really knew what happen; the sidelines were screaming until the refs went to examine the net and found there was indeed a hole.  Goal!

What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

I do a lot of hill sprints on this steep hill right across the street from my house. Sprinting up hill help with power, speed, and acceleration, keeps the key aspects of my game strong.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

The best advice I was given was from my dad, and was not directed towards the sport of lacrosse at the time. He said, ”Any job worth doing is a job worth doing well.” When he told me this, he was talking about cleaning the kitchen; however, when I am in the backyard shooting or working out I always think to myself that if what I am doing is worth my time, then I owe it to myself to give it my all.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am a very self motivated person, and I strive to be the best to fulfill personal goals that I set for myself.

Where do you want to go to college, and why?  What do you plan to major in?

I am committed to the University of Pennsylvania and hope to study at the Wharton School of Business.  Penn has both the quality of academics and lacrosse play that I have been working towards.

How has your HS lax experience been?  And what is it like with Starz vs. HS level?

My HS experience has been great. I go to a small private school that was founded in 2007.  There I get to play a role in growing the lacrosse program and getting others as excited about the game as I am.  Playing with Starz has been like playing on an All-Star team.  There is so much talent and the games are at an entirely different level.

What’s your ultimate lacrosse aspiration?

I would like to become a Division I Athletic and Academic All-American.

How would you describe your playing style?

My playing style utilizes my speed and quickness to complement my knowledge of the game. When I dodge, I use quick changes of direction to beat my man and look to either shoot or feed coming around from X.

Any obstacles you’ve had to overcome while playing lacrosse?

Two summers ago, I injured my hamstring and it took me out of the game for a couple of months. I had to work very hard in the off season to earn my position back.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me although it didn’t feel like it at the time.  It taught me channel my tenacity to overcome obstacles and for that I am grateful.

What is the most difficult adjustment you’ve had to make in your lacrosse career so far?

The biggest adjustment that I have had to make (and I am still working on this) is using my size. I’ve grown in the last year and I forget that.

What has been your experience in working as a part of a team? What is your personal definition of success?

I love working as a part of a team because when a team clicks, the lacrosse being played becomes beautiful and it is fun to be a part of it. My personal definition of success is when someone’s personal goals (whatever those may be) are worked towards and achieved.

Do you have/what is your personal motto?

The motto “Big time players step up in big time moments” has always motivated me to do my best.

Of what accomplishments in your life are you most proud?

My commitment to UPenn is an accomplishment that I am very proud of because I have devoted so much time and energy over the years to becoming the best player and student I could be.  To have a program like Penn’s offer me a spot was a huge honor.

What was your most memorable lacrosse moment this past year?

My most memorable lacrosse moment this past year was when our small high school played the largest and best lacrosse school in San Diego. We lost the game, but our offense scored more goals against their defense than had any other team.

What legacy do you hope to leave in your HS/club lacrosse career?

I would like to leave the legacy of teamwork; of supporting all your teammates and working together towards the goal.

What are your goals in college academically and athletically?

I would like to become an All-American in both areas.

What type of life lessons has lacrosse taught you?

Lacrosse has taught me the power of tenacity. If you want something, whether it is a ground ball or a good grade on a test, lacrosse has taught me that it is in my power to work hard to achieve that desire.

What type of career are you interested in the future?

I come from three generations of entrepreneurs and I would like to continue that legacy and some day start my own business.

Congratulations to JoJo on all his hard work. Excited to see you do big things in coming years at UPenn. Keep it up!


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